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Advocates seek donations to offset purchase of 13-passenger mini-bus

The Solon Senior Advocates have purchased this mini-bus to help provide transportation for seniors. (contributed photo)

SOLON– The Solon Senior Advocates are pleased to have recently been able to make the purchase of a 13-passenger mini-bus. Paired with the Solon Retirement Village van, the Advocates are now able to transport up to 27 seniors on monthly trips, greatly reducing costs to seniors. Previous to the mini-bus purchase, a group totaling over 12 seniors required the hiring of a more expensive travel coach which resulted in higher senior travel costs.
The Advocates had a very narrow window of time in which to make the mini-bus purchase, and to do so cashed in CDs that were set aside for the that purpose. It also required borrowing Advocate monies that are needed for specific projects. The Advocates hope to reimburse those funds so no projects are compromised.
One of the projects is support for Old Gold Senior Dining. The costs of acquiring a site manager and switching food service to the Retirement Village in order to preserve the senior dining program were met by the Advocates and will continue to be assumed. The Advocates also donate remuneration to volunteer drivers who deliver daily Old Gold Dining Meals on Wheels. A fund was set aside specifically to finance Old Gold meals for those seniors who are unable to pay, a computer was purchased to enable on-site record keeping for Old Gold Dining.
Other obligations are the supplies and copying of the Advocates’ monthly newsletter and menu which are inserted in the Solon Economist and printed in the North Johnson County newspaper.
Another set-aside is for cost over-runs for the monthly Meal & a Movie, trip costs and sponsored meals. The Advocates also provide for a reception and other costs involved with Senior of the Year awards. The organization covers occasional trip costs for seniors with limited income.
The Advocates rely solely on donations and grants and hope to quickly replenish financial stores so that no program or project is put on hold.