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Anderson Chiropractic: North Liberty firm adjusts to new space

NORTH LIBERTY– It was time to stretch.
Dr. Susan Anderson, D.C., has been offering chiropractic care for 18 years, 11 of those years in North Liberty. A landmark birthday prompted her to reflect on all she still wanted to accomplish in her career.
“I decided I didn’t want to wait,” she said.
Anderson Chiropractic moved to a brand new location in the Core Fitness building at 1395 Jordan St., Suite D, in June 2008. The space was empty and awaiting Anderson’s vision; now, the high-ceilinged, tastefully-decorated and well-appointed office carries the subtle signatures of not just Anderson, but also many of her patients.
“Almost everything in the office is affiliated with my patients somehow,” she said. “From the electrical work to the decorating, and even some of the construction work, were done either by patients or referrals from patients. It was my way of giving back to them.”
Dr. Anderson’s new location offers more than a personal feel, she said.
“I moved here because I wanted to be in an environment where we were surrounded by health and wellness and positive energy,” Anderson said.
Next door, a massage therapist plans to open soon, a performance rehabilitation center is coming in the future, and the Core Fitness Center has been going strong since January.
“I want to offer care that focuses on the whole person, not just limited to pain relief,” said Anderson, so she often recommends patients take advantage of nutrition information, weight lifting and yoga sessions available in the fitness-oriented environment.
“All the things Core has to offer is important for a person with a spinal injury, for example, to get involved with.”
Anderson has been increasing her repertoire of care as well. She has been taking classes to become a certified chiropractic sports physician, or CCSP.
“I wanted to be able to bring more knowledge to working with athletes, whether high school level, or college or beyond. I’m really excited, because I will be able to help with shoulders and knees, hamstring injuries, or really any kind of sports injury or acute back or neck strains.”
Anderson Chiropractic still offers the care patients have come to rely on, including electrical muscle stimulation procedures, hot/cold therapy, deep soft tissue trigger point work and regular adjustments. She does it all with a great staff, she added.
“Steph Schlaubaugh, Steph Nelson and I all work fabulously together,” she said. “It is so nice to be in such a positive, healthy atmosphere.”
Next week, from Oct. 6 through 11, Anderson Chiropractic invites the community to visit their light and airy new space during their Open House week.
“We love the location and the open environment that makes use of the light and the unique architecture of the building. We are pleased to be a little closer to Coralville, and off the main road but still accessible from Forevergreen Road, so people can get here while avoiding heavy traffic on Highway 965.
“It’s just a nice, peaceful environment,” Anderson said.
To make an appointment, visit Anderson Chiropractic’s new office, 1395 Jordan St., Suite D (around back) or call 625-2225.