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Artist Patrick Muller to speak Oct. 1 at Plum Grove historic site

IOWA CITY– On Saturday, Oct. 1, at 2 p.m., local artist Patrick Muller will speak about his about his “Supper Time” porcelain plates with a presentation titled “The Supper Time Plates: Let Me Serve You a Story,” at Plum Grove Historic Home, 1030 Carroll St., Iowa City.
Muller’s presentation comes on the heels of the newest edition to the “Supper Time” series, which honors Plum Grove Historic Home in Iowa City.
In 2010, the artist searched for and found all the homes where his parents had lived during their lifetimes in eastern Iowa. A porcelain dinner plate was hand painted in honor of each home and host community. These plates were called the “Supper Time” plates and originally consisted of plates honoring Wheatland, Riverside, Bennett, Kalona, Washington, Solon, Iowa City and Hills.
In September 2010, the plates were exhibited at Public Space 1 (PS1), located in the Jefferson Building in Iowa City. The Jefferson Building started its life as the Hotel Jefferson, where the artist’s parents had their wedding reception in 1947, bringing the exhibit full circle.
Muller likes to focus on small towns, neighborhoods and other places where community spirit can be found. His strategy is to show how the arts– particularly visual art– can play a role in revitalizing small towns. The artist plans projects as access points for community involvement and a sense of ownership for community members.
Muller believes that projects such as “Supper Time” can “Inspire viewers to engage the arts as a core human activity, to create traditions and other exercises of meaning-making using artifacts or ritual, and to draw upon the strengths and resources of their own family histories. This collection of plates is rumination on family– as a journey across generations and geographies– interfaced through quotidian or high ritual activities such as a meal at the kitchen or dining room table. ”
This event is free and open to the public. Guests are invited to tour Plum Grove Historic Home following the program. If you have any questions, please contact the Johnson County Historical Society at 319-351-5738.