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Brands has a 5-0 day for West High

Wrestling Trojans go 2-3 at annual Lepic Dual

North Liberty Leader
IOWA CITY– Iowa City West High’s varsity Trojan wrestling program hosted its annual Lepic Duals Saturday, Jan. 6 and finished with a 3-2 record on the day.
Fort Dodge took the team championship with New Hampton-Turkey Valley (NHTV) taking the runner-up spot.
The Trojans defeated Pleasant Valley and Quincy (Ill.) Senior, but fell to Fort Dodge, Lewis Central and NHTV.
One-hundred-sixty-pound senior Nelson Brands went 5-0 for the Trojans with three wins by fall and a pair of technical falls (TF). Guy Snow, a 285-pound senior, also went 5-0 with four pins and one forfeit while freshman Graham Gambrall went 4-0 with two pins, a decision and one sudden victory (SV).

Iowa City West High Lepic Duals results
Round 1
Pleasant Valley def. Quincy 42(3)-42 (criteria)
New Hampton def. IC West 45-24
Fort Dodge def. Lewis Central 54-15
Round 2
Fort Dodge def. Quincy 52-24
Lewis Central def. IC West 39-32
New Hampton def. Pleasant Valley 67-12
Round 3
New Hampton def. Lewis Central 47-22
IC West def. Quincy 55-21
Fort Dodge def. Pleasant Valley 72-12
Round 4
Lewis Central def. Pleasant Valley 66-18
Fort Dodge def. IC West 52-22
New Hampton def. Quincy 52-16
Round 5
Fort Dodge def. New Hampton 38-30
IC West def. Pleasant Valley 54-21
Lewis Central def. Quincy 53-22

Fort Dodge (FODO) 52.00 Iowa City West (ICW) 22.00
285: Guy Snow (ICW) over (FODO) (For.) 106: Drake Ayala (FODO) over (ICW) (For.) 113: Carson Taylor (FODO) over Hans Von Rabenau (ICW) (MD 9-1) 120: Brooks Cowell (FODO) over Elijah Bruss (ICW) (Fall 2:22) 126: Brody Teske (FODO) over Keaton Speicher (ICW) (Fall 2:36) 132: Drew Bennett (FODO) over Graham Gambrall (ICW) (MD 17-3) 138: Drevon Ross (FODO) over Collin Leavy (ICW) (Fall 0:53) 145: Damond Lockner (FODO) over (ICW) (For.) 152: Cayd Lara (FODO) over Jo Dixon (ICW) (TF 16-1 2:59) 160: Nelson Brands (ICW) over Levi Egli (FODO) (Fall 2:55) 170: Kaden Smith (FODO) over Ashton Stumpf (ICW) (Dec 8-4) 182: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Austin Lee (FODO) (MD 15-4) 195: Triston Licht (FODO) over Marco Avalos (ICW) (Fall 0:32) 220: Enutifia Gamia (ICW) over (FODO) (For.)

Lewis Central (LECE) 39.00 Iowa City West (ICW) 32.00
195: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Dylan Koch (LECE) (Fall 2:00) 220: Brock Bortolotti (LECE) over Enutifia Gamia (ICW) (Dec 5-0) 285: Guy Snow (ICW) over Zachary McColligan (LECE) (Fall 0:33) 106: Tanner Wink (LECE) over (ICW) (For.) 113: Hans Von Rabenau (ICW) over Taber Dominguez (LECE) (Dec 8-4) 120: Brian Paul (LECE) over Elijah Bruss (ICW) (Fall 1:11) 126: Tanner Higgins (LECE) over Keaton Speicher (ICW) (MD 11-1) 132: Graham Gambrall (ICW) over Brandon Wieland (LECE) (Fall 5:59) 138: Kyle Kuckta (LECE) over Collin Leavy (ICW) (TF 15-0 4:00) 145: Gabriel Kjeldgaard (LECE) over (ICW) (For.) 152: Caleb Kingery (LECE) over Jo Dixon (ICW) (MD 9-1) 160: Nelson Brands (ICW) over William Waugh (LECE) (TF 24-8 5:12) 170: Ashton Stumpf (ICW) over Ryan Higgins (LECE) (Fall 1:30) 182: Ryan Higgins (LECE) over Marco Avalos (ICW) (TF 15-0 3:10)

New Hampton – Turkey Valley (NHTV) 45.00 Iowa City West (ICW) 24.00
182: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Max Schwickerath (NEHA) (MD 16-6) 195: Evan
Rosonke (NEHA) over Marco Avalos (ICW) (Fall 1:10) 220: Areon Day (NEHA) over (ICW) (For.) 285: Guy Snow (ICW) over Tom Clark (NEHA) (Fall 0:52) 106: Jon Dreckman (NEHA) over (ICW) (For.) 113: Hans Von Rabenau (ICW) over (NEHA) (For.) 120: Carson Babcock (NEHA) over Elijah Bruss (ICW) (Fall 0:34) 126: Mason Cleveland (NEHA) over Keaton Speicher (ICW) (Fall 3:22) 132: Graham Gambrall (ICW) over Max Babcock (NEHA) (SV-1 4-2) 138: Michael Blockhus (NEHA) over Collin Leavy (ICW) (Fall 0:35) 145: Double Forfeit 152: Noah Fye (NEHA) over Jo Dixon (ICW) (Fall 2:36) 160: Nelson Brands (ICW) over Cale Reicks (NEHA) (TF 25-10 5:37) 170: Noah Glaser (NEHA) over Ashton Stumpf (ICW) (Dec 8-4)

Iowa City West (ICW) 54.00 Pleasant Valley (PLVA) 21.00
106: Alex Clemons (PLVA) over (ICW) (For.) 113: Hans Von Rabenau (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 120: Elijah Bruss (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 126: Justin Harrington (PLVA) over Keaton Speicher (ICW) (Dec 8-7) 132: Eli Loyd (PLVA) over (ICW) (For.) 138: Graham Gambrall (ICW) over Tysen Sparbel (PLVA) (Dec 24-18) 145: Collin Leavy (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 152: Jo Dixon (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 160: Nelson Brands (ICW) over Elijah Knauls (PLVA) (Fall 0:56) 170: Ashton Stumpf (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 182: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Scott Wendell (PLVA) (Dec 13-8) 195: Max O`Brien (PLVA) over Marco Avalos (ICW) (Fall 1:10) 220: Enutifia Gamia (ICW) over (PLVA) (For.) 285: Guy Snow (ICW) over Evan Kilstrom (PLVA) (Fall 2:14)

Iowa City West (ICW) 55.00 Quincy Senior, IL (QUSE) 21.00
220: Enutifia Gamia (ICW) over Lucas Bodi (QUSE) (Fall 0:32) 285: Guy Snow (ICW) over A.J. Miller (QUSE) (Fall 0:41) 106: Blake Peter (QUSE) over (ICW) (For.) 113: Hans Von Rabenau (ICW) over Hunter Carter (QUSE) (Dec 8-3) 120: Elijah Bruss (ICW) over Ethan Sibbing (QUSE) (Fall 1:12) 126: Keaton Speicher (ICW) over (QUSE) (For.) 132: Graham Gambrall (ICW) over Xavier Crouch (QUSE) (Fall 2:52) 138: Matthew Peters (QUSE) over (ICW) (For.) 145: Thomas Culp (QUSE) over Collin Leavy (ICW) (Fall 1:01) 152: Kaleb Vahle (QUSE) over Jo Dixon (ICW) (Dec 8-6) 160: Nelson Brands (ICW) over Hunter Yohn (QUSE) (Fall 4:24) 170: Ashton Stumpf (ICW) over Gavin Wendling (QUSE) (Fall 0:21) 182: Marco Avalos (ICW) over Logan Cain (QUSE) (Fall 1:10) 195: Will Hoeft (ICW) over Blake Poling (QUSE) (MD 26-13)