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Candidates announced for CCA school board

TIFFIN — Four candidates will vie for two seats while a third goes uncontested in the upcoming Clear Creek Amana (CCA) school board election.
The Sept. 8 vote will determine who will fill director district No. 2 and an at-large position. Currently, Kathy Zimmerman has the district No. 2 (Tiffin, Cosgrove, and Windham) seat. She will face Eileen Schmidt on the ballot.
With current board president Daniel Schaapveld’s decision to vacate his at-large position, Barbara Kounkel and Aimee Pitlick will vie for the seat.
Director district No. 4 (Coralville and North Liberty) Matthew Croco resigned at the July meeting. As no one has stepped forward to run for the open seat, a space will be provided on the ballot for write-in candidates.
If a write-in is elected, the candidate must be registered to vote and live in the director district from which they were elected. If the write-in winner meets the criteria and is willing to fill the seat, he or she will be sworn in at the organizational meeting.
On the other hand, if there is no write-in candidate, or the write-in candidate is unwilling to serve, the board must then declare the position vacant at the organizational meeting. Within 30 days, the board will be required to appoint somebody to the position. The appointee then serves until the next school election (for example, an interim levy election, a bond referendum vote, etc, and not the next school board election) at which time the appointee’s name is also placed on the ballot.
If nobody is appointed within the 30 days, the board secretary must declare a special election. The person elected in a special election serves the remainder of the term.
Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the following locations:
North Liberty: Community Center, 520 W. Cherry St.
Oxford: City Hall on Augusta Ave.
Cosgrove: St. Peters Hall, 2003 400th St. SW, Oxford
Tiffin: Fire Station, 211 Main St.
Coralville: Western Hills Community Center, 3701 2nd St.
Middle Amana: CCA Middle School, 3023 220th Trail