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City and school elections combined in November

Filing period for candidates runs through Sept. 19

JOHNSON COUNTY– It’s time for the presidential candidates to step aside.
There’s a local election to be held this November.
For the first time since a change adopted by the Iowa Legislature in 2017, local city council and school board elections will be combined Tuesday, Nov. 5.
According to the Johnson County Auditor’s Office, city and school elections will be combined in November of odd-numbered years.
The filing period for both city council and school board candidates began Aug. 26 and continues through Sept. 19. Council candidates will file with the auditor’s office, while school board candidates file with the district board secretary, according to the auditor’s website.
Multiple seats are up for election in all local municipal and school elections.

North Liberty City Council
In North Liberty four council seats are set to expire thanks to two special elections and an appointment.
RaQuishia Harrington was the winner in a special election Tuesday, March 12, to serve the remaining term of a council seat vacated by Jim Sayre. Sarah Madsen was also selected by special election in April of 2017 to replace Terry Donahue after he was elected mayor.
Brent Smith, a candidate in the 2019 special election, was appointed in May to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of council member Jennifer Goings.
The seat currently held by Smith will be on the ballot for a two-year term.
The other seats, including a fourth currently held by council member Chris Hoffman, will be for four-year terms.

Oxford City Council
In Oxford, the position of mayor and three council seats will be up for grabs.
Current Mayor Tim Hennes and council members Brodie Campbell and Lorena Weppler are set to see their terms expire, while an additional vacancy created by the resignation of Jason Struzynski will also be on the ballot. The mayor serves a two-year term in Oxford, while council members serve for four years.

Shueyville City Council
Three four-year terms on the Shueyville council will be decided in November.
Council members Brent Foss, Jack Frisk and Chris Lacy will see their terms expire at the end of December.

Solon City Council
The mayor’s position currently held by Steve Stange and two council seats occupied by Mark Prentice and Shawn Mercer will have their terms come to an end at the end of the year. All three are four-year terms.

Swisher City Council
Four-year terms for mayor and three council seats are set to expire this year in Swisher. Mayor Chris Taylor and council members Mary Gudenkauf, Rebekah Neuendorf and Michael Stagg were all elected in November of 2015.

Tiffin City Council
In Tiffin, the two-year term of Mayor Steve Berner will end Dec. 31, as will the four-year terms of council members Mike Ryan and Peggy Upton.

School board members in the Iowa City, Clear Creek Amana (CCA) and Solon Community School Districts all serve four-year terms. While Iowa City and Solon members serve at-large, CCA utilizes a mix of district director and at-large positions.
For school board members, the change in the law has extended existing terms in office. Through 2017, school board members were elected in September of odd years, but due to the consolidation of elections, terms of board members elected in 2015 were extended by two months.

Iowa City Community School District
Four slots on the Iowa City board will appear on the November ballot.
Directors Phil Hemingway and Lori Roetlin were elected in September of 2015, while Paul Roesler came on board as a result of a July 2016 special election and Shawn Eyestone was elected to two-year term in September of 2017. All four terms expire in November and will be filled for four years.

Clear Creek Amana Community School District
In the CCA district, eligible residents can vote on all seats, but while at-large directors may live anywhere in the district, those elected to district seats must live in the corresponding director district.
At-large positions currently held by Terry Davis and Matt McAreavy, the District 1 post held by Jennifer Mooney and the District 3 seat held by Steve Swenka will be on the ballot.

Solon Community School District
Eligible voters in the Solon school system will be electing to board members. The terms of current members Adam Haluska and Jim Hauer are set to expire this year.

Dates and Deadlines
July 8: First day to request mailed absentee ballot.
Aug. 12-29: Filing period for Iowa City and University Heights city candidates. File with auditor’s office.
Aug. 26-Sept. 19:
Filing period for school candidates. File with school board secretary, not the auditor’s office).
Filing period for all cities other than Iowa City and University Heights. File with auditor’s office.
Sept. 2: Labor Day, auditor’s office closed.
Sept. 27: Pre-registration deadline and mailed absentee ballot request deadline for Oct. 8 city primary (if needed), 5 p.m.
Oct. 8: City primary, Iowa City and/or University Heights, if needed.
Other cities: No primary, all candidates appear on Nov. 5 ballot.
A city primary is not a partisan primary and voters do not need to declare party affiliation to participate.
Oct. 14: County does not observe federal Columbus Day holiday; auditor’s office will be open.
Oct. 25: Pre-registration deadline and mailed absentee ballot request deadline for Nov. 5 election, 5 p.m. Voters may still register after this date using the election day registration procedure. In-person early voting is still available after this date.
Nov. 4: Last day for in-person early voting at auditor’s office, 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Postmark deadline for mailed absentee ballots.
Nov. 5: Election Day. Polls open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. There are no longer separate school precincts, and nearly all voters will vote at their regular general election polling places. Exceptions:
Cedar Township will vote with Big Grove at the Solon Public Library rather than the Fire Station.
Coralville 1 will vote with Coralville 4 at the Coralville Public Library rather than City Hall.