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Clear Creek Amana Schools construction update

OXFORD — Like the approach of spring, completion of the site work at North Bend Elementary in North Liberty is becoming a reality, according to Clear Creek Amana (CCA) Superintendent Dr. Paula Vincent.
Vincent opened the facilities update March 25 during the regular monthly meeting of the school board, with a report on progress and planned work for North Bend.
“Our primary issues with the elementary are of course finishing with the site work,” Vincent said. She also said the Army Reserve is still tentatively planning to do dirt work at the school for the ball fields. “We have a few things we are still monitoring system-wise before we close that project,” Vincent added.
Vincent turned her attention to the parking lot in Amana, noting some re-striping and repainting. “It’s all but done,” she said, “but we’re getting to the point where I’m going to be pretty picky about sending out that last check.”
Ray Willoughby, the district’s construction manager, reported on progress at the new high school.
According to Willoughby, floors were being polished in 20 classrooms, with doors being hung and white boards expected soon. Counter tops had been delivered with more due by the end of the week.
Willoughby reported the terrazzo flooring was nearing completion with grinding and polishing to also be completed by the end of the week. The gym floor had been installed with striping and painting in-progress. He stated once the floor was finished and sealed, there would be a wait of a couple of weeks (for the finish to set) before they could go back in and install the bleachers, which had already arrived.
“It’s starting to come together fast. Cleaning up is going to be the big chore,” Willoughby said.
Board President Daniel Schaapveld asked about progress outside, with the onset of spring.
“Metro (Metro Pavers, Inc.) has moved in and started on the sidewalk grading,” Willoughby said, adding that cool and wet weather had prevented them from pouring concrete.
The Highway 6 project has begun and Dr. Vincent reported on a coordination meeting for the project she had attended the week prior. “We really don’t have a major part in that,” she said, “but then it affects a lot of our properties. They are getting started, and understand that needs to be completed July 31. It will be a little bit congested for awhile as we’re finishing up the high school.” She also added work will proceed on the athletic complex as soon as the weather allows.
“They were very good about figuring out how best to stage that project to cause the least disruption with all of the work going on south of the highway,” Vincent said. She added daily commuters would probably need to add five to 10 minutes to their trip through the area.
“They’re going to start milling (on Hwy 6) April 6 and hopefully they’ll have all of the south side done by graduation,” Willoughby said. Both lanes are to be open at all times, but Willoughby echoed Vincent’s recommendation for drivers to allow extra time.
Board member Tim Hennes asked if any special precautions were put in place, since the project is adjacent to a school.
“They did request that all the speed limits be lowered immediately by 10 mph,” Vincent answered. “So in our school zone, that would put it down to 25 right in front of the school,” she added.