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Clipper finish ninth at Linn-Mar’s duals

Stevens and Rohret go 5-0 for CCA

North Liberty Leader
MARION– Clear Creek Amana’s (CCA) varsity wrestlers took ninth-place team honors Saturday, Jan. 6, at the conclusion of Linn-Mar’s dual meet tournament. The Clippers had a 2-3 showing in five duals, which improved the squad’s record to 4-3 so far this season.
Sam Stevens and Andrew Rohret were undefeated on the day at 5-0 each while Tanner Cochran had a 4-1 day and Grant Jensen went 3-1 for the Creek Boys.
Western Dubuque took the team championship with Ankeny Centennial as the runner-up. Linn-Mar was the third-place team followed by Clinton (fourth), Marion (fifth), Mount Vernon (sixth), Mount Pleasant (seventh), Cedar Rapids Xavier (eighth), the Clippers (ninth) and Mediapolis (10th).
Center Point-Urbana, Central DeWitt and Solon visit for a quad meet at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 11, and the Creek Boys go to Solon on Saturday, Jan. 13, for the Spartans’ Ed Hadenfeldt Tournament starting at 9 a.m.

Results as provided by Linn-Mar High School
Pool A results for Clear Creek Amana
Match #1 Round 1
Western Dubuque (WD) def. Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 45-18
120: Samual Stevens (CCA) def. Joseph Gamblin (WD) Dec 7-3 126: Jared Cordes (WD) def. Jake Neuzil (CCA) Fall 1:30 132: Jared Cordes (WD) def. Hunter Schmelzer (CCA) Dec 2-1 138: Nate Beckman (CCA) def. Trenton Miller (WD) Fall 5:59 145: Andrew Rohret (CCA) def. Elijah Demmer (WD) Dec 3-2 152: Ryker Kurimski (WD) def. Harrison Cory (CCA) Fall 1:52 160: Grant Jensen (CCA) def. Levi Burds (WD) Dec 6-2 170: Jake Hosch (WD) def. Unknown Forfeit 182: Devin Ludwig (WD) def. Grant Haman (CCA) Fall 0:48 195: Freddie Hosch (WD) def. Nick Collins (CCA) Fall 2:00 220: Parker Schmitt (WD) def. Tanner Cochran (CCA) Dec 13-9 285: Jonah Upah (CCA) def. Nathan Simon (WD) Dec 7-3 106: Dawson Bierman (WD) def. Mike Marrow (CCA) Fall 0:47 113: Corbin Collins (WD) def. Noah Banwart (CCA) Dec 8-2
Match #2 Round 2
Clear Creek Amana received a Bye
Match #3 Round 3
Clear Creek Amana (CCA) defeated Mount Pleasant (MP) 39-30
132 –Schmelzer (CCA) def. Dalton Moyle (MP) Fall 1:36 138: Abe Wilson (MP) def. Beckman (CCA) Fall 3:09 145: Rohret (CCA) def. Nate Wallace (MP) Fall 2:41 152: Grant Jensen (CCA) def. Jaden Davis (MP) Dec 6-1 160: Cory (CCA) def. Garrett Boecker (MP) Dec 6-2 170: James DeMeyer (MP) def. Unknown Forfeit 182: Collins (CCA) def. Brennen Bender (MP) Fall 1:05 195: Zach Beason (MP) def. Spencer Beltz (CCA) Fall 0:58 220: Cochran (CCA) def. Dalton Bass (MP) Dec 7-3 285: Henry Lutovsky (MP) def. Upah (CCA) Fall 0:30 106: Corbin Broeker (MP) def. Morrow (CCA) Fall 1:01 113: Stevens (CCA) def. Brayden Ackles (MP) Dec 8-5
120: Banwart (CCA) def. Conner Coleman (MP) Dec 4-0 126: Neuzil (CCA) def. Tyler Raub (MP) Fall 5:08
Match #4 Round 4
Marion (MAR) defeated Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 49-19
138: Braden Garringer (MAR) def. Beckman (CCA) Fall 0:45 145: Rohret (CCA) def. Zach Cochran (MAR) MD 8-0 152: Ben Gibson (MAR) def. Jensen (CCA) Dec 6-5 160: Cole Horak (MAR) def. Cory (CCA) MD 12-3 170: Nate Miller (MAR) def. Unknown Forfeit 182: Brady Bartz (MAR) def. Collins (CCA) Fall 3:55 195: Weston Horak (MAR) def. Kyle Pitlick (CCA) Dec 4-1 220: Cochran (CCA) def. Logan Hangartner (MAR) Fall 3:30 285: Carson Webster (MAR) def. Upah (CCA) Fall 2:25 106: Niyo Gady (MAR) def. Morrow (CCA) Fall 1:14 113: Stevens (CCA) def. Gaven Hiler (MAR) Dec 8-2 120: Ismail Havyarimana (MAR) def Shiloh Robbins (CCA) Fall 1:17 126: Neuzil (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 132: Austin Fritz (MAR) def. Schmelzer (CCA) Dec 4-2
Match #5 Round 5
Linn-Mar (LM) defeated Clear Creek Amana (CCA) 49-28
145: Rohret (CCA) def. Jesse Wade (LM) Fall 3:33 152: Jensen (CCA) def. Roark Martin (LM) MD 18-8 160: Chase Forsyth (LM) def. Cory (CCA) Fall 3:13 170: Ryan Plummer (LM) def. Unknown Forfeit 182: Jacob Wempen (LM) def. Haman (CCA) Fall 1:12 195: Tanner Schultz (LM) def. Beltz (CCA) Dec 5-1 220: Cochran (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 285: Upah (CCA) def. Alex Lahmon (LM) Fall 1:15
106: Bryce Parke (LM) def. Morrow (CCA) Fall 1:41 113: Stevens (CCA) def. Kain Wempen (LM) Fall 3:31 120: Cole Kraklio (LM) def. Banwart (CCA) Fall 0:51 126: Jack Nauman (LM) def. Neuzil (CCA) Fall 3:18 132: Samuel Gisaya (LM) def. Schmelzer (CCA) MD 12-3 138: Logan Dulin (LM) def. Beckman (CCA) Fall 1:19

9th place: Clear Creek Amana (CCA) def. Mediapolis (MS) 54-24
152: Hunter Aney (MS) def. Cory (CCA) Fall 1:58 160: Brennan Swafford (MS) def. Unknown Forfeit 170: Allen Erickson (MS) def. Unknown Forfeit 182: Collins (CCA) def. Keegan Akers (MS) Dec 8-4 195: Beltz (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 220: Cochran (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 285: Upah (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 106: Morrow (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 113: Stevens (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 120: Stevens (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit 126: Neuzil (CCA) def. Colter Inghram (MS) Fall 1:57 132: Reese Thornburg (MS) def. Schmelzer (CCA) Fall 1:27 138: Beckman (CCA) def. Daryun Kreft (MS) SV-1 8-6 145: Rohret (CCA) def. Unknown Forfeit