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Clipper wrestlers third at North Cedar

Murphy, Steckly and Taylor finish in second place

North Liberty Leader
CLARENCE– Eleven varsity wrestling teams converged on the North Cedar Middle School Saturday, Dec. 13, for the Knight’s invitational meet. Clear Creek Amana’s (CCA) Clippers finished the day third in team points with Camanche winning the meet.
Quinn Murphy, Sam Steckly and Ethan Taylor placed second at 126, 152 and 220 pounds, respectively.
Team rankings: 1, Camanche, 223.5. 2, Fulton, 162.0. 3, Clear Creek Amana 137.5. 4, New London, 119.5. 5, North Cedar, 117.0. 6, North Linn, 103.5. 7, West Carroll, 99.0. 8, Durant, 58.0. 9, Northeast, 52.0. 10, Central City, 49.0. 11, Belle Plaine, 43.0.

Results for Clear Creek-Amana at North Cedar Wrestling Invitational:
113: Daniel Brechtel (Clear Creek-Amana), third
Quarterfinals: Andrew VanKampen (West) over Daniel Brechtel (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 3:26)
Cons. Round 1: Daniel Brechtel (Clear Creek-Amana) over Brandon Kaecker (Fulton) (TF 15-0 4:10)
Cons. Semis: Daniel Brechtel (Clear Creek-Amana) over Dakota Henry (Belle Plaine) (Fall 1:13)
3rd Place Match: Daniel Brechtel (Clear Creek-Amana) over Javis Krieger (New London HS) (Fall 0:49)

132: David Jensen (Clear Creek-Amana), fifth
Quarterfinals: Trever Greene (North Cedar) over David Jensen (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 1:35)
Cons. Round 1: David Jensen (Clear Creek-Amana) received a bye
Cons. Semis: Kaleb Hartman (West) over David Jensen (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 1:07)
5th Place Match: David Jensen (Clear Creek-Amana) over Zach Oliver (New London HS) (Fall 1:02)

285: Max Moore (Clear Creek-Amana), sixth
Quarterfinals: Steven Balk (Fulton) over Max Moore (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 2:51)
Cons. Round 1: Max Moore (Clear Creek-Amana) received a bye
Cons. Semis: Ethan Sharp (Camanche) over Max Moore (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 5:55)
5th Place Match: Steven Balk (Fulton) over Max Moore (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 2:32)

120: Connor Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana), fourth
Quarterfinals: Connor Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) over Conrad Hoover (Durant) (MD 19-5)
Semifinals: Hunter Luke (West) over Connor Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) (Injury)
3rd Place Match: Britt Noel (New London HS) over Connor Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) (For.)
126: Quinn Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana), second
Quarterfinals: Quinn Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) over Christian Duncan (Belle Plaine) (Fall 1:40)
Semifinals: Quinn Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) over Julian Wikoff (New London HS) (Fall 2:42)
1st Place Match: Brice Everson (Camanche) over Quinn Murphy (Clear Creek-Amana) (TF 15-0 4:16)

195: AJ Schropp (Clear Creek-Amana), third
Champ. Round 1: AJ Schropp (Clear Creek-Amana) received a bye
Quarterfinals: AJ Schropp (Clear Creek-Amana) over Tyler Mettler (New London HS) (Dec 5-4)
Semifinals: Taylor Fleetwood (Fulton) over AJ Schropp (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 4:38)
3rd Place Match: AJ Schropp (Clear Creek-Amana) over Blake Pataska (Northeast Community) (Fall 0:51)

152: Sam Steckly (Clear Creek-Amana), second
Quarterfinals: Sam Steckly (Clear Creek-Amana) over Mason Christe (New London HS) (Fall 1:24)
Semifinals: Sam Steckly (Clear Creek-Amana) over Guy Edfors (Camanche) (Fall 0:47)
1st Place Match: Tristan Smith (Fulton) over Sam Steckly (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 3:57)

220: Ethan Taylor (Clear Creek-Amana), second
Quarterfinals: Ethan Taylor (Clear Creek-Amana) received a bye
Semifinals: Ethan Taylor (Clear Creek-Amana) over Jack Lenz (Fulton) (Fall 1:45)
1st Place Match: Clayton Juhl (North Cedar) over Ethan Taylor (Clear Creek-Amana) (Dec 9-3)

145: Logan Viktora (Clear Creek-Amana), fourth
Quarterfinals: Logan Viktora (Clear Creek-Amana) over Tom Knight (West) (Fall 0:56)
Semifinals: Levi Ruchotzke (North Cedar) over Logan Viktora (Clear Creek-Amana) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Place Match: Garrett Matthess (North-Linn) over Logan Viktora (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 2:52)

138: Jacob Wessling (Clear Creek-Amana), sixth
Quarterfinals: Jacob Wessling (Clear Creek-Amana) over Byron Boleyn (North Cedar) (Dec 5-3)
Semifinals: Reno Chiri (New London HS) over Jacob Wessling (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 1:02)
Cons. Semis: AJ Lucas (Central City/Springville) over Jacob Wessling (Clear Creek-Amana) (Dec 8-2)
5th Place Match: Aaron Field (Fulton) over Jacob Wessling (Clear Creek-Amana) (Dec 5-4)

106: Luke Wingert (Clear Creek-Amana), fifth
Quarterfinals: Tyler Fleetwood (Fulton) over Luke Wingert (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 2:42)
Cons. Round 1: Luke Wingert (Clear Creek-Amana) over Nate Bailey (Northeast Community) (Fall 1:39)
Cons. Semis: Miles McCullough (North Cedar) over Luke Wingert (Clear Creek-Amana) (Fall 1:56)
5th Place Match: Luke Wingert (Clear Creek-Amana) over Austen Clark (Camanche) (Fall 3:03)