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Ely’s Dynamic Fitness can boost golf (or any) game

ELY– Rebranded in 2012, Mark Croy is once again on top of his game with his new company, Dynamic Fitness. For 17 years he’s been helping athletes at all levels get in shape, stay fit and overcome pain and injuries working as a personal athletic and fitness trainer.
Croy is a former semi-pro footballer who’s certified as a strength and training specialist and athletic trainer. A health care specialist who pursues positive results with his clients with an intensity honed in the defensive secondary of football teams in the U.S. and Europe. Croy was a Senior Airman in the Air Force and played for the USAF team in Europe.
But it’s not all football and brute strength at Dynamic Fitness, Mark partners with his wife, Sharon Sassen, a chiropractor, on some cases.
Croy said they send some business each other’s way but only as recommendations.
He’s more of a health care specialist and said he likes to focus on healing injuries and eliminating pain.
He’s introduced a golf focus at his new office in downtown Ely.
Certified by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as a fitness professional, Mark can analyze a golfer’s swing using TPI’s 12-point system. When Croy finds biomechanical limitations and instabilities he prescribes a regimen of exercise to correct problems. His successes include increasing patient mobility, stability and flexibility; reducing their pain and adding distance to their drives.
With an indoor golf simulator, duffers, hacks and scratch golfers alike can keep their swings in top flight by signing up for indoor league play starting in October by emailing Mark through the Dynamic Fitness website: www.dynamicfitnessglobal.com.
His indoor golf simulator has 22 courses to play and he can examine your stroke with a separate video golf swing analysis program.
Similar to the TPI system, Mark uses another screen called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, or SFMA, for anyone with musculoskeletal pain.
The full-body movement test traces seemingly unrelated symptoms to their root causes and integrates posture, muscle balance and fundamental movements to reset people’s bodies in healthy union.
Croy’s program can be challenging. It doesn’t happen often, but when people don’t put their health first, he can get frustrated.
He likes to say, “you’re the only ‘you’ you’ve got.” His customers can count on his experience and observation to get them on the mend and on the right track for physical health and wellbeing.
But Mark Croy doesn’t see what he does as a job, he’s motivated by getting people to do things they never thought they could, getting them to communicate with their body and tune into themselves.
“I measure my success by their success,” Croy said.
He still works with athletes trying to shave seconds off their triathlon times, add an inch to their vertical jump, or strengthen their tennis game.
But he really likes to share big results, like finding that someone’s tight ankles restrict other movements.
Injuries are often misdiagnosed and underlying problems can become serious if left untreated.
Finding details that others miss and turning the situation around for someone is all the gratification Croy needs. That can be making a golf game pain-free or isolating a muscle that’s atrophied after an injury and rehabilitating it.
Croy has worked for fitness clubs, the Cedar Rapids Country Club, and is an adjunct instructor at Kirkwood Community College where, among other courses, he works in coaching certification for Iowa high school athletics.
Mark and Sharon will co-host an open house during Ely Fall Fest on Oct. 6 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Dynamic Fitness will offer a door prize.