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Ely News by Lenna See

The descendants of Katharine and Anton Netolicky met Oct. 29 at the Ely Community Center for their fall reunion. Family members attending were Maxine Netolicky Hofer, of Clive; Sherlee Peterson, Pam Netolicky, Fern and Warren Fackler, of Cedar Rapids; Allan Netolicky, of Ely; Kay Netolicky Foster and Lloyd Foster, of Cantril; Kenny Hofer, Mary and Gene Wissink, of Iowa City; Christine and Tom Mangrich, of North Liberty; Tom and Lisa Hofer-Grimes, Terry and Hobert Flory, of Stanwood; Clark Fackler and guest, Anne Jewell, of Marion. Out-of-state family attending were Joanne and Tom Lautenschlager, of Minot, North Dakota; Mary Peterson Berry, of Monona, Wisconsin; and Barb Hofer Anderson, of Naples, Florida.

Doug and Shirley Mott, Eric and Andrew, of Batavia, Illinois, were Christmas Day dinner guests of Glenn Klinsky and Linda Jensen in Marion.

Allen and Sheryl Tjelmeland hosted the annual Malatek Family Christmas on Christmas Eve. The evening was spent with a dinner, gift exchange and a few hours of playing cards and games. Those in attendance were Lois and Kim Cooling; Lauren Cooling; Tom and Patricia Malatek; Patrick and Gloria Malatek; Sue and Jess Schulte; Mark, Jackie, Colin and Morgan Brown; Stacy and Rayce Kahler; Dan, Jessica, Jade and Gaby Carter; Lonnie, Ann, Jacob and Jared Tjelmeland; Lynnette, Matt and Emma Sedrel; Stephanie Mehmen and Clay Torson.

On Christmas Eve, family and friends gathered at the home of Elmer Smyth for a Christmas tradition of a 5 p.m. soup supper with chili, potato, chicken noodle soup, sandwiches, dips and a lot of homemade goodies. Then while waiting for Santa to arrive, Christmas songs were sung. Santa came with gifts for the children. Each child would sit on Santa’s lap and open their gift. When they were through, a few more carols were sung to send off Santa. Then the whole family opened gifts. Those who attended were Carol Covington; Russell Smyth; Marilyn and Steve Grover; Casey, Sara, Lillian and Rosemary Grover; Sondra Grover and fiancé, Andy; Patty Smyth; Larry Brecht; Breanna Block; Dean and Merrilee Smyth; Kyle and Landon Smyth; Heather, Emmett and Randy Smyth; Ben, Molly and Kenny Nearad; Morgan and Briar Nearad and friend, Randy; Jessica Nearad and A.J.; Taylor Nearad; Kyle Branski; Tim, Joy, Shane, Jaytee and McCoy Smyth. Fun was had by all.