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Ely News by Lenna See

The annual Malatek family Easter celebration was hosted by Jess and Sue Schulte at their home in Ely on Easter Sunday. The beautiful day was enjoyed by Allen and Sheryl Tjelmeland, Lon Ann, Jacob and Jared Tjelmeland, Stephanie Mehmen, Lloyd and Lois Cooling, Kimberly Cooling, Tom and Patricia Malatek, Brad Malatek, Kayla Krug and Dan, Jessica, Jade, and Gaby Carter, all of Ely. Also attending were Mark, Jackie and Morgan Brown, Chandler Whitehead, Mercedes and James Krakmer, Taryn Freilinger, Kevin and Lauren Cooling, all of Cedar Rapids; Stacy Kahler, Royce Kahler and Troy, Blayze and Brinley Cronbaugh, of Marengo; Steve, Sherry, Olivia, Rachel, and Rynna Lukes, of Amana; Chris, Becca and Carter Cooling, of Grimes; Nick and Cassie Cooling, of Des Moines; and Shelly Schulte and Todd Rosenthal, of Bettendorf.
After a delicious meal, the annual family photo was taken. They spent the afternoon playing games and enjoying each other’s company in the beautiful sunshine.

Shirley and Chris Worley entertained with a brunch at their home on Easter Sunday. Guests attending were Dave, Tina, Mason, and Eliza Kearns, of Shellsburg, and Roy, Jennie, Dalton and Paige Rambo, of Vinton. The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt following the brunch.

Maureen Smith and Roger Burgess, of Clinton, hosted an Easter celebration on Saturday, April 15. Guests were Rachel Smith, of Madison, Wis.; Emily Zimmon, of Mount Vernon; Anna Garnant, of Des Moines; Jared and Jerilyn Garnant, of Fairfax; Kris Garnant and Skip Willets, of Comanche; James, Sherry and Katie Garnant, of Ely; and Leo Truhlar and Maurice and Rachel Garnant, of Cedar Rapids.

Easter Sunday dinner guests of Trula Ahrendsen, of Olin, were James and Ronna Beitz, of Hopkinton; Jenna Beitz, of Platteville, Wis.; Rachel Beitz, of Langworthy; Hanna Grant and Joe Seeley, of Amber; Marvin and Verna Livermore, Becky Livermore, Terry Ard, Judie Livermore, Sierra Candler, Kyle Henik, Lenna See and Kali, Xander and Star Wegner.

The Ely Town and Country Club met Monday evening, April 17, at Gwen’s Restaurant in Lisbon. Ellen Jones was the hostess. There were 30 members and three guests present. President Norman Zahradnik conducted the business meeting. The program was accordion music by Leo Shima, of Solon.