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Facilitating excellence in the corridor

NORTH LIBERTY– Michael Tryon doesn’t equate a floundering economy with inevitable business disaster.
In fact, Tryon and his family have launched a new start-up of their own geared toward helping other businesses thrive, even in these trying economic times. Tryon Enterprises opened an office at 745 Community Drive, next to Quiznos in Liberty Centre. Though Tryon Enterprises is a brand new venture, Tryon and his associates have a wealth of experience and a long history of helping others succeed.
Tryon Enterprises works with a variety of business clients in four ways: first, as a consulting firm to help improve a business’s performance or positioning in anticipation of a future monetizing event.
“We can help troubled businesses get back to operating more efficiently and profitably,” Tryon said. “Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to come in and point out the opportunities.”
Second, the Tryon organization will serve as a broker between buyers and sellers of almost any size and type of businesses; third, Tryon associates are licensed to offer a range of Life, Accident and Health insurance for business or personal needs; and finally, Tryon has a private equity platform that can facilitate independent Tryon acquisitions, provide growth capital or manage group (Tryon fund) investing.
Michael Tryon has built an impressive resumé by offering his own fresh perspectives on many businesses, as a turn-around C.E.O. for multibillion dollar corporations, as a sales and marketing manager or regional vice president in national and international markets, and as an agent of change for struggling privately-held or publicly traded companies and industries. He and his family have lived in most of the nation’s biggest cities, and eventually Tryon became as versed in talking mergers and acquisitions with Wall Street executives as most people are in talking about the weather.
However, behind the jargon of strategic planning, key metric development and productivity gain, Michael Tryon is a true Iowan at heart, with farm-boy work ethics and an affinity for the down-to-earth nature of Midwesterners. Tryon grew up mainly in western Iowa, played football at Iowa State University and there met his wife Cindy.
“Growing up in Iowa, after we graduated, we both wanted to get out,” he said, “but when you get older and wiser, you realize why you want to come back. It’s a great place to live.”
Michael and Cindy have made a home in Iowa City for almost five years. Cindy says the location is ideal for many reasons.
“It is a very good location for us, business-wise, situated between Cedar Rapids and North Liberty. We are very used to the lifestyle that people live here. North Liberty is a smaller town and people are very trusting and willing to work with you,” she said.
Specifically, added Michael Tryon, the Corridor’s reputation for excellent academics and its business infrastructure, complemented by world-class hospitals and progressive technologies, make it a vibrant part of Iowa with a lot of promise.
It’s why he located Tryon Enterprises in the heart of the Corridor– North Liberty– and now focuses on small, local and niche companies.
“It goes back to the personal character that I developed being raised in Iowa,” Tryon said. “I worked on my grandfather’s farm at a young age, from early in the morning until late at night. It’s where I learned high morals and strong ethics. I had a good education and I’m competitive by nature. Those things have helped me succeed in my business life.”
Now Tryon looks forward to developing relationships with clients who share those Midwestern values.
“It’s about coming back here and working with people who have similar characters. You can’t beat people in Iowa. We speak the same language,” he said.
The conversations in the Corridor center around growth, certainly, and, in seeking a place to re-set his roots, Tryon has not missed this area’s great fiscal potential.
“Our goal is to expand the resources we have focused on our services,” Michael explained. “We have six employees now, with a seventh joining us in about 45 days. We would love to get to the point where we can grow this (Tryon Enterprises) and put more jobs into the company and in this facility.”
Currently, Tryon Enterprises blends the talents of Michael, Cindy, and their sons Michael, Jr. and Brandon, as well as Scott Jennings and Jeff Hennessey, two who have enjoyed long tenures in business brokerage. The two younger Tryons are licensed to sell insurance products.
“In today’s business climate, I understand the cultural advantage of having insurance benefits for employees,” said Tryon. “From an employer’s perspective, I also know the financial aspects. It’s costly. We put those two perspectives together and have the knowledge to help an employer get more bang for his buck when it comes to offering benefits.”
But far from dispensing unsolicited advice, Tryon Enterprises first builds relationships with clients and fellow business leaders. Michael explains why the business tagline is, “Great Listeners. Unmatched performers.”
“I would rather spend my time understanding what’s going on in a business. That’s the reason we are great listeners. Later, we can come back and have a complete strategy put together to meet overall goals. We love doing that, and we have never lost.”
Tryon admits it is a “bold statement,” but then, as a Midwesterner, he has learned to value the direct, honest approach.
“We have never been unsuccessful in meeting a business’s overall goals,” Tryon added, “and we don’t do anything that’s gray; we have never practiced anything other than flawless integrity, ethics and morals. You can be successful by doing things the right way.”