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Fleck’s index

4,086: Number of welfare applicants tested for illegal drug use under Florida legislation passed last year.
108: Applicants testing positive for marijuana use.
2.6: Percent testing positive.
17: Republican Congressman from Florida.
3.5: Grams of cocaine Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel was arrested for possessing.
5.9: Percent of Florida Republican Congressmen arrested for buying and possessing cocaine.
-20: Degrees Fahrenheit of coldness that must be reached before Alaska school children are held in from recess.
5: Recruiters from Iowa who flew in a private jet to New Jersey during the last presidential campaign to persuade Gov. Chris Christie into running for the office.
2: Recruiters who have since changed their minds about supporting Christie after the Bridgegate scandal.
Not 1: Iotas of change in the mind of a least one of the supporters.
1: Rank of the George Washington Bridge, which connects Fort Lee with Manhattan, in the world for total traffic use.
2: Lanes of traffic out of three closed to punish the mayor of Fort Lee by the order of Christie’s senior staff. Among those caught in the snarl were parents trying to pick their children up from school, school buses and emergency vehicles.
Some: Amount of blame the director of the Iowa Department of Human Services took for the illegal, dangerous and ill-advised use of long-term isolation cells at a state-run juvenile home.
365: Approximate number of days one youth was held in a cell.
120: Average square footage of the concrete block cells located in the basement of the facility.
0: Times Marie Franks, a 58-year-old Iowa woman diagnosed with a bipolar disorder had been in trouble with the law.
Decades: Years Franks successfully dealt with her disorder with the aid of medications and her father.
Multiple: Number of times Franks inexplicably called 911 one day last year, hung up and was arrested for misuse of an official emergency line.
50,000: Volts in the Taser used by Muscatine County jailers to persuade her to change clothes after being jailed.
7: Days Franks did not have her medications before the incident.
4: Times the Taser was used.
5 or 6: Jailers that held Franks while she was also handcuffed and shackled.
One: “That is one psychotic woman,” a jail employee is heard to say on a videotape of the incident.
3,220: Iowa students in grades kindergarten through second grade who were suspended from school last year.
3: Percent disciplined for weapons violations.
10: Percent suspended from school for not going to school.
1: Industries (retailers) blamed by bankers for identity theft problems.
1: Industries (bankers) blamed by retailers.
110,000,000: Target customers who had personal information compromised by a theft/hack of the retailer’s computer system over the holidays.
240,000: Dollars spent by Iowa Secretary of State to uncover voter fraud in a two-year investigation.
26: People charged.
5: Eventual number pleading guilty to the misdemeanor.
3: People who should have been able to cast a vote but were denied during the same time.