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Forecast shows even more growth

By Chris Umscheid
North Liberty Leader
TIFFIN— A week after the board of directors of the Clear Creek Amana (CCA) school district received a forecast of continued enrollment growth in North Liberty‘s the North Bend Elementary School neighborhood, the board learned Tiffin is expanding too.
And in a few years, a new elementary school will likely be needed.
Board president Eileen Schmidt met with Tiffin mayor Steve Berner and obtained a map showing current and proposed housing developments, numbers beyond what board members had anticipated. Currently there are between 50 and 100 lots that have been platted, which means they are available now for construction of single-family dwellings. There are 48 units in 12 four-plex buildings currently under construction along with another 80 single-family lots in development.
According to the projections, Schmidt said there is a strong possibility for an additional 60 single-family homes to be built in 2013, with another 30 multi-family lots platted in 2014. In 2015, 90 single-family lots would become available for development. In 2016, Tiffin would likely see 40 lots available for multiple family dwellings and 20 more single-family lots.
Based on current attendance area boundaries, most of these developments would send any children to Clear Creek Elementary (CCE) in Oxford with the potential for 340 kids– based on very rough estimates–in the next four years.
“What’s your plan Dan?” Schmidt asked CCE principal Dan Dvorak.
“Outdoor classrooms,” he said with a laugh.
CCE is currently close to capacity and may have to utilize portable classrooms in a year or two. With a six-classroom addition to North Bend Elementary (NBE) in North Liberty likely to be approved next month, CCE will see a little more open space as Pre-K programming will return to North Liberty once the wing is completed. However neither school would be able to take on the projected enrollment growth, furthering the possibility of a Tiffin Elementary within the next five years or so.