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Hanson’s Grove hosts last show

SOLON– July 4 was Hanson’s Grove’s final hoorah.
According to organizer Sandy Hanson, the 2014 edition of the annual antique show held on her property north of Solon was the last.
The annual antique show couldn’t have ended on a more perfect note. The weather was mild, the attendance was enthusiastic and sales were humming.
After drenching rains on July 1, downed trees and debris, wet grounds and road closures all seemingly going to impact the show, Hanson said crews cleaned up the storm damage, the grounds dried out and the fourth dawned bright and clear.
The event draws such a crowd that two shuttle buses are employed to ferry people from the show to City Park throughout the day.
According to Hanson, 80 exhibitors covered approximately 10 acres, with an estimated crowd of about 6,500 people.
Hanson’s Grove’s Antique Show started on a whim 34 years ago following an antiquing trip back east with Hanson and friends ending up at an engaging market at Schupp’s Grove in Pennsylvania.
In 1978 they were promoting a second show at the National Guard Armory in Iowa City and speaking to a long-time exhibitor friend about this market when he said, “you’ve got trees out there on your place, why don’t you set up a Hanson’s Grove?”
So they did.
The 4th of July antique show has lived on through the years supported by family, friends and neighbors plus the participation of the many exhibitors who have passed through the grove, Hanson said.
“We always knew a day would come when we would have to assess continuing on into next year,” said Hanson. “But not until this year did the reasons why come up. The amount of work that goes into maintaining your own personal grounds for a show is a challenge because of age and health issues and our hard-working sons, daughters, grandchildren and an amazing sister are ready to hang up their aprons.”
“Our friends and neighbors have been loyal supporters,” continued Hanson, “but it’s time to give them a rest.”
Hanson sincerely thanked all those who have contributed to the success of this unique and popular show, especially the dedicated and faithful exhibitors who have helped create the exceptional ride this show has enjoyed over the years.