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Hawkeye Women 1-2

The Hawkeye women traveled to Penn State last week, played their hearts out and if the referees wouldn’t have swallowed their whistles at the end of the game…
Please don’t spread this around, but back in the '70s there was a show that I watched called “Eight is Enough.”
It was a sitcom about a family of eight that got together because the parents remarried.
It had a lot of stories about life and the different challenges that come up. The current Hawkeyes are going through some major challenges, like depth, but still show up and play hard.
Okay, they still lost in overtime, 77-73, but for the last 30 seconds there might as well have been no referees.
Then in overtime, the refs show up, call four fouls on Iowa, one a technical foul on the bench, and the Hawks fall to 0-2 in the Big Ten.
There is no doubt I’m an Iowa guy and I’ll fight for the Hawkeyes anytime, but my goodness, this is sad.
I know it’s only one game and hopefully Iowa will get some home cooking at Carver, but to see Kamille Wahlin play 43 minutes, score 27 points and hand out four assists and let a win slip away because of the zebras…
Kachine Alexander and Jaime Printy both played 38 minutes with Kach scoring 11 and leading Iowa with eight rebounds. Kach was 4-15 from the floor but dished out four assists and had three steals.
Jaime also had trouble finding the range shooting only 3-13 from 3-point land, finishing with 16 points.
I still can’t believe a day after Theairra Taylor was ruled out with a torn ACL that Hannah Draxten will also be lost for the season with major back problems.
Hannah played hurt last summer in Game Time but never complained.
That’s three starters, including Joann Hamlin, that are lost for the season.
The good news is Hannah and Theairra have a chance to redshirt and Joann could get a sixth year.
Until then, the other Hawkeyes need to step up and Lisa Bluder will have one of her biggest challenges.
One thing I like about these Hawks, including their coach, is that they don’t make excuses and I have no doubt they will play hard.

Once again Iowa played every player that suited up against the Badgers… eight.
That’s all it took for the Hawkeyes to knock of Wisconsin, 61-51, last Wednesday at Carver Hawkeye Arena.
Iowa came out smoking, led by as many as 21, and then had to hold on for the win.
You have to start with Kachine Alexander, who had 21 points, 10 rebounds and three assists.
Throw in guards Kamille Wahlin, 13 points five rebounds and four steals, plus Jaime Printy, who finished with 12 points, seven assists and five rebounds and once again Iowa has good balance.
How about Kelly Krei with a career-high six steals.
If the Hawks make a couple of free throws and take care of the ball down the stretch, it’s a blowout.
“We’re not going to worry about how we get wins at this point,” said Coach Bluder. “Obliviously we’re going to evaluate the film and make sure we correct some of those problems, like way too many turnovers and too many missed free throws. Those were situations that we’ve got to be able to control to win close games. Luckily we had enough of a cushion built that we were able to sustain some of those things today.”
The Hawks were out-rebounded, 38-36, while the Badgers had 24 turnovers, Iowa 23.
Help in on the way with Megan Considine, whose brother Sean played football for the Hawkeyes and is currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, set to walk-on this week.
Megan is a 5-8 guard that scored over 2,000 points at Byron High School in Illinois.
Megan helped lead her team to a 28-2 record her senior year when she averaged 16.7 points, eight rebounds and 4.1 assists per game.
The Hawks traveled to one of the toughest places to play last Sunday and lost their second overtime game in the Big Ten to the Minnesota Gophers, 72-69.
Jaime Printy scored a career-high 26 points and Kachine Alexander scored 15 with 11 rebounds but the Iowa fell to 1-3 in the Big Ten, 9-7 overall.
The game went back and forth and the Hawks led with 2:52 left in regulation before the Gophers tied it up at 62 which sent it into overtime.
Twenty-six turnovers and Kamille Wahlin shooting 2-12 didn’t help with Minnesota playing tough defense.
The Hawkeyes did shoot 20-21 from the free throw line which kept them in the game.