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For the health of it

CCA Middle School springs into wellness, physical activity
Students at Clear Creek Middle School in Tiffin follow along with a dance instructor from Just Dance! studios during the school’s second annual Spring into Wellness Day, May 7. The event organized by CCA Middle School staff is intended to introduce kids to fun and healthy activities as part of developing good lifestyle habits. (photo by Lori Lindner)

By Lori Lindner
North Liberty Leader
TIFFIN– Schools don’t just exercise young minds.
Clear Creek Amana (CCA) middle school offers physical education classes every day for every student, a somewhat unique model these days, said health instructor Ben Robison.
But even with daily physical education classes, reinforcement is helpful in developing good habits at any age.
That’s why Robison created CCA Middle School’s Spring into Wellness Day.
“We have large goals to teach students to eat healthier and move more,” Robison said. “Events like Spring into Wellness Day are an extension of our PE and health classes.”
Last year, Robison applied for and received a small grant from Live Healthy Iowa, a statewide program that assists individuals, teams, corporations, and schools in promoting positive lifestyle changes.
“Last year was such a success, we continued this year,” Robison said. Last year, CCA held a Fall Fitness Day in conjunction with Live Healthy Iowa and the Governor’s Healthiest State Walk and it’s first Family Fit Night.
This year was CCA’s second Spring into Wellness event, designed to expose kids to new physical activities and healthy behaviors. Students rotated through different stations that included dance lessons, kickboxing sessions, lawn games, golf, and presentations from dieticians, health care providers and even an organic recycling expert.
“Most of the kids really enjoy Spring into Wellness Day,” Robison said. “In fact, many ask why we can’t have one in each season.”
Robison said he was grateful for all the presenters and session leaders who have helped bring activities to the students.
“There is no way Spring into Wellness Day would be possible if we didn’t have presenters donate their time and services,” said Robison. “On behalf of Clear Creek Amana, I would like to extend a huge thank you to each of them.”
Exposing students to a range of activities that involve movement and exercise is the best way to plant the seeds for lifetime healthy habits, he said.
“The best thing a middle school student could do is try as many things as humanly possible. I encourage all of my students to go out for as many sports as possible and to try a large variety of things,” said Robison. “With continued support from the school district, I will continue to plan different things to get our students and their families moving more and eating better.”