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ICCSD budget director resigns

IOWA CIT– Paul Bobek, director of administrative services in the Iowa City Community School District, resigned his position on Jan. 9 with a separation agreement, general release and covenant not to sue the district.
The following day, school board president Marla Swesey, representing the school district, signed the agreement at a closed meeting in the district administrative offices. The resignation was effective immediately and its timing came as a surprise to the district.
Bobek oversaw the district’s budget and accounting offices.
Last year, Superintendent Stephen Murley ordered an external audit of the district’s business practices and other departments after a $2 million error was discovered in the schools’ financial books, a double-entry of state and federal money for teachers’ salaries.
The district also was assessed a $25,000 fine after a payroll tax payment was one day late in March 2011. On Jan. 4, the district announced the decision was reversed and the Internal Revenue Service had abated or canceled the penalty with no money or further action required on the school’s part.
Bobek’s office was also the subject of a complaint by the teachers’ union filed on Dec. 21, 2011. Despite promises by district administration to provide the documents, the Iowa City Education Association said it has not received personnel information it needs to begin collective bargaining discussion this month. A similar complaint was filed the previous year.
According to the separation agreement, Bobek will receive a lump sum payment by Jan. 17 that includes the remainder of his contract ending June 30, $3,500 in legal expenses, some previously filed travel expenses and 23 earned vacation days.
The district will also continue to provide defense for open records cases on file with Bobek’s cooperation. They will also furnish Bobek with a satisfactory letter of reference.
Bobek’s agreement with the district is available at www.iowacityschools.org.
Last month, ICCSD Human Resources Director Jim Pedersen announced his early retirement at the end of the school year.
Others who will retire at the end of the year in the district include Diane Duncan-Goldsmith, director of food service, Carla Krogman, Northwest Junior High associate principal and Marvin Reiland, West High activities director.
In February 2010, Mark Hanson resigned as principal of City High. He was replaced by John Bacon.