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Johnson County Mutual Aid honors NLFD’s Huber

NLFD firefighter Dave Huber and his wife, Sheila. (submitted photo)

JOHNSON COUNTY– The Johnson County Mutual Aid Association has honored firefighter Dave Hubler of the North Liberty Fire Department (NLFD) and the Johnson County Hazardous Material Response Team as Member of the Year for 2014, in appreciation of his outstanding service and dedication to the citizens of Johnson County.
Huber has been a member of the NLFD for nearly 23 years, becoming an active member in November 1991. Previous to his membership on the NLFD, Huber served on the Lone Tree Fire Department for four years. He was also one of the founding members of the Johnson County Hazardous Material Response Team.
Throughout Huber’s 23 year history with the NLFD, he held various ranks within the department, serving in numerous key roles and as a member of the department command staff in various positions, including its highest rank as fire chief in 2002. Huber also served as the department’s assistant fire chief for several years as well as the truck and facilities captain.
Dave is consistently in the top five responders for the NLFD to date, even with North Liberty Fire’s substantial increase in call volume over the past 23 years. In 1991, the NLFD responded to a total of 192 calls for service. In 2014, Hubler has responded to 263 emergencies, or 47 percent of the total calls for service as of the end of July. Huberwas also voted Fire Fighter of the Year by the members of the NLFD in 2006.
During the past 23 years Huber said he has witnessed the town of North Liberty change into a small city and continue to grow into what it is today. As the community expanded, so too did the roles and expectations of the fire department. Throughout those chances Huber has played an essential role in the progression of the NLFD and its members.
The NLFD serves the City of North Liberty and the Townships of Penn and Madison as well.
Due to the differences in infrastructure within the department’s emergency response district, it creates additional challenges for its members and the equipment they utilize. Huber, with his rural and farming background and skills around the farm have proved valuable. Huber’s knowledge of establishing and operating a multi-unit water shuttle operation is just another of many attributes and contributions that he has not only enhanced the NLFD with but all of Johnson County.
Dave has served on several department committees; however none were more important or had a longer lasting effect on the future of the department than Huber’s contribution to the new truck committees. He contributed countless hours, knowledge and experience to all of the truck committees, and his contributions will serve this community for decades to come.
The Johnson County Mutual Aid Association thanks Dave Hubler for nearly 30 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Johnson County and the surrounding communities.