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Just Lego®– and let your imagination run wild

Solon Library’s Lego® club yields fanciful stories

By Eric Hawkinson
Solon Economist
SOLON– There are few toys on the market that better help a child’s creativity than Legos®. It allows students to build something entirely of their own, with or without instructions– Legos® inspire creativity, art, critical thinking, and of course, storytelling.
At the Solon library Lego® club meeting last Monday, Oct. 7, imagination was rampant.
Children services librarian Carey Major gave each of the kid-participants directions to build something that moves, and a place to put. Of course, the first thought that many adults think of is a car, and a garage– this was not the case for the children.
Participants built Triceratops dinosaurs, space rockets, moon rovers, flying cars, and catapults. The Lego® characters had no ordinary stories. Each creation was supported by an elaborate story, usually a fight of good versus evil– whether a space odyssey or a futuristic version of Solon, the Lego® Club made for some curious imaginary worlds.
“What’s amazing is it doesn’t take them long at all,” said library director Kris Brown. “I thought an hour wouldn’t be long enough.”
Many of the kids only needed a few pieces and a couple characters, and they developed an entire saga. It’s not something you can see by looking at the Lego® structure, but through the joyous expression of the young builder.
“It’s inspiring. It makes me wanna play with Legos®. I never would’ve though of this,” said Major as she pointed to a crowned Lego® figurine, seated on a dinosaur.
Major and other library staff said they are dedicated to making the library into a zone where students can express themselves, a place for imagination to flow freely.
Judging by the limitless narratives kids dreamt up at Oct. 7 Lego® club; it appears to be working just fine.
The Lego® Club meets the first Monday of each month in the meeting room at the Solon Public Library. The next event is scheduled for Nov. 4, and is free and open to the public.