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Lady Spartans move to 5-0

SOLON– Solon girls’ soccer is in full swing.  Last week, the varsity squad battled against a very tough Maquoketa team. The Spartans were down by two at half against the Maquoketa fast break offense and swarming defense.
But midway through the second half, Jackie Meyer scored off a corner kick by Alison McKinnie. With under three minutes left, Madi Durr pounced on another McKinnie corner kick to send the game into overtime.  
By this time, Solon had three starters on the bench with injuries, including goalie Mikaela Lighty.  Katie Silberstein did a great job stepping into the keeper role. The Solon offense did a terrific job of squelching quite a few Maquoketa fast breaks. The offense worked at driving to the goal. But no score in the first overtime.  The second overtime went Solon’s way as Brianna Pike lofted the ball just under the goal bar and into the back of the goal, for a 3-2 final score after 95 hard-fought minutes of play.
“I couldn’t be more proud of the effort,” said coach John Tucker. “Even though we got down early, we never stopped working hard. The attitude on and off the field was always positive and we knew that we would be able to come back. I told the girls…that is what makes a team great. I am extremely happy with the effort of the players stepping into roles that they normally wouldn’t play due to some key injuries during the game. It obviously made a difference going down to the last minutes of the game, and then into the overtimes. I can’t pick out one or two key individuals– they all played extremely hard and well!”
The Friday evening game at Benton Community was a good win and a good chance for everyone on the team to get playing time in. The Lady Spartans faced a very tough opponent that would not give up and swarmed to every ball, not allowing Solon to get into rhythm. The field (due to some construction at their regular field) was less than ideal and made for some interesting traps and even worse shot opportunities. Jackie Meyer and Alison McKinnie each had two goals in the 4-0 win, bringing the Spartans’ record to 5-0 for the season.