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Limkemann wins spot on Tiffin City Council

120 votes total in special election for open seat

TIFFIN– One hundred twenty votes decided who fills an empty seat on the Tiffin City Council.
A special election to fill the seat vacated by Rodney Walls in late May, was held Tuesday, Sept. 1, with Skylar Limkemann defeating Dapo “DJ” Oguntoyinbo, 77-39. There were 115 ballots cast on election day with three write-ins and five absentee ballots received for a grand total of 120 votes cast out of 2,680 registered voters for 4.48 percent.
Limkemann is a volunteer firefighter with the Tiffin Fire Department and an attorney employed by a Cedar Rapids law firm representing municipalities. He specializes in representing police officers, firefighters and other municipal officials in litigation. In an online debate, held by the Johnson County League of Women Voters, Limkemann said, “I have come to learn a lot about how municipal law functions, and how communities function.”
He laid out six priorities: public safety, common sense community development, property tax relief, the proposed Tiffin Recreation Center and recreational opportunities for children, to improve the water quality in Tiffin, and to ensure infrastructure is planned out and developed for not only today, but for five years from now so Tiffin has a reasonable growth plan, especially given its status as the fastest growing city in Iowa.
He identified public safety as a high priority, specifically a police department for the City of Tiffin.
Limkemann said it was a topic, which came up frequently when he was out knocking on doors in the community.
“We have a rapidly growing community, and we have to ensure that we have public safety services that can keep up with that growth, and that pace, which we don’t have today.”
Asked what was the best way for the city council to hear from the public, he said it is important to be active in the community.
“And you actually have to listen,” he said. “There is a difference between hearing somebody and actually listening to what they are saying.”
Regardless of the many ways of contacting council members, Limkemann said, “You have to be available to people to have those conversations and to hear and listen to what they are saying and get that perspective from somebody else that may have a different perspective from what you, as a city council member, might have.”
He added it is important to actively solicit community feedback on major decisions.
Limkemann said during the debate he was running for the vacant seat. “Because I get up every morning and work for the City of Tiffin. I volunteer as a firefighter and I believe I can help make this community a better place for everybody to live.”
The Tiffin City Council meets the first and third Tuesday every month at City Hall, located at 300 Railroad St. in Tiffin.