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The little store with a big heart

SHUEYVILLE— She calls it “the little store with a big heart.” Gail Boothe, owner of Space Doctors Interiors has packed her tiny shop from front to back with a wide variety of home décor items.
Boothe said she has spent her whole life making people happy with their living spaces. In high school she started painting and applying wall coverings. As an adult, she bought older homes and renovated and remodeled them.
“I’ve done a little bit of everything,” when it comes to remaking a house into a home, she said. For example, while living in Marshalltown, Boothe spent five years completely restoring the historic C.H. Whitehead house, a property placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1979. Boothe researched the history of the house before the project and did 99 percent of the work herself.
For 15 years, she has helped people with their renovation and remodeling projects. While she is not an interior designer, Boothe has taken her knowledge and passion and transformed it into a unique resource. As she has learned about certain products, she has then gone on to sell things like flooring products, lighting and ceiling coverings. Her Shueyville store is the culmination of her efforts.
“It’s my chance to take all of the things I’ve done and put them into the store,” she said.
Boothe moved into the space on Oct. 1 and had a soft opening Dec. 1. She is tentatively looking at an Open House in early February.
Her small shop is a one-stop shop for most home decorating and renovating needs. Boothe cannot display every product, so picks and chooses her favorites such as designer lamps by Bellaluce. “By day they’re artwork, by night they glow so pretty,” Boothe said. She placed several of the distinctive lamps in the front window of the store and lit them at night. Many people passing by the intersection of 120th St. and Curtis Bridge Road have seen them and have asked about them and the store.
Space Doctors Interiors also features a large selection of flooring including carpet, tile, wood, laminate and luxury vinyl tile, and accents for any room in the house. Examples include residential and commercial lighting, granite counter tops, 3-D panels for walls and faux tin for ceilings, and a layered stone veneer that can be used inside or out adding texture in an easy-to-install tile panel. In addition, Boothe has ideas for outdoor living spaces such as LED lighting and ceilings to go under a deck.
“It’s called ‘Space Doctors’ because we can fix your spaces. Floor to ceiling, we can do it,” Boothe said.
Boothe relies on a cadre of highly qualified local contractors to install the various products, as well as licensed interior designers. With her experience and expertise, Boothe can help a homeowner find options and solutions. With her contacts, she can also connect the homeowner with other experts and even scouts out deals such as used but still useable vinyl siding.
Space Doctors offers free estimates and takes most major credit cards. Boothe is also looking at offering a 12-month layaway program.
“It can be helpful to plan your project and pay a little each month. So when it’s done, it’s also paid for,” said Boothe
Boothe has some words of advice for would-be home remodelers. “Most people can’t just go in and do everything at once. Make a plan. Do it a little at a time.”