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New location for La Montessori Nurtury

Lillian Myers, owner and director of La Montessori Nurtury, recently relocated the school to a new loccation at 575 North Kansas Ave. in North Liberty. La Montessori Nurtury is one of the only Montessori schools in the corridor (photo by Shianne Fisher).

NORTH LIBERTY– La Montessori Nurtury is making big changes in the Corridor with its recent move to a new location at 575 North Kansas Ave.
As one of the only Montessori schools in the Corridor, La Montessori Nurtury offers a unique care and educational program for the parents and children it serves. Open since 2013, the new location helps La Montessori reach bigger and better goals.
Owner and Director Lillian Myers always knew she wanted to work with children. She gained experience in the childcare industry through a traditional childcare facility, encountering the Montessori method while in college. Her passion for the method intensified after seeing it in action.
“My dream came true when I opened La Montessori Nurtury four years ago,” Myers detailed. “And it has been a wonderful experience watching the center grow.”
The new building provides La Montessori Nurtury the opportunity to expand beyond just infant and toddler care to include preschool. With the new services the space allows, La Montessori Nurtury will be able to watch their current children continue growing and developing.
“Watching this all unfold has been so rewarding,” Myers stated.
The new location boasts larger classrooms, new materials and separate playgrounds for infants/toddlers and preschool-aged children.
The program also offers Spanish classes for children aged 2-6 years old. Helena García Mariño comes into the classroom every Tuesday to teach Spanish. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Mariño graduated with a degree in Law and Political Science from Autónoma University of Madrid and Comparative Literature in the Complutense University of Madrid. She continued her education at the University of Iowa where she graduated with her MFA in Spanish Creative Writing. In addition to her role at La Montessori Nurtury, Mariño is also an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Coe and Cornell College. While these classes are held only once a week, three of the lead teachers at La Montessori Nurtury are fluent Spanish speakers, enabling the language to be integrated into the daily classroom routine.
In addition to the Spanish classes, art enrichment classes are done monthly for the pre-primary class, ages 2-3 years old, as well as the primary class, ages 3-6 years old.
These extracurricular options do not stop there as the program offers soccer, gymnastics, yoga, dance and even cooking classes. The extracurricular activities enable the students to push themselves beyond their comfort zones while learning important skills.
La Montessori Nurtury follows the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, the first woman in Italy to become a doctor. Unlike other programs, the Montessori theory places extra focus on the child as an individual and the treats the classroom as a welcoming learning community. Children are given the freedom to choose learning activities based on their developmental needs and interests. Teachers carefully observe the students while working to foster peace, independence and respect while helping students select learning activities beneficial to them. This attention to detail sets La Montessori Nurtury apart.
Learning activities focus on helping children gain valuable life skills while having fun, Myers said. The lead teacher observes the students, watching for a sensitive period, or when a child displays a special interest in learning something. Once the lead teacher recognizes the child’s interest in a specific topic, Myers added, lessons are introduced and continued as the student demonstrates interest.