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NL employees receive FY14 pay increases

NORTH LIBERTY– At its June 26 meeting, the North Liberty City Council unanimously approved fiscal year 2014 salaries for city staff.
The resolution called for a two percent cost of living increase for all city employees, with an additional 2.45 percent longevity increase for those who are eligible.
In 2007, North Liberty hired the Kansas City-based Austin Peters Group to conduct a study of compensation rates for city staff. Based on the company’s report, the city approved several measures that resulted in more wages for city staff: pay rates for several positions were adjusted upward to be at a minimum compared to like positions in similar-sized cities; part-time employees’ hourly rates were increased to be more competitive in the area’s job market; and the city created a stepped rate structure to adjust for longevity for employees who experience positive performance reviews.
The approved salaries went into effect on July 1. The new salaries for all full-time employees and most part-time employees– excluding seasonal staff and part-time recreation counselors– are as follows:

Venenga, Diane: Interim
Police Chief, $7,031.44 Monthly.
Olson, Adam: Police Sergeant, $32.14 Hourly.
Landsgard, Tyson: Police Sergeant, $32.14 Hourly.
Ruffcorn, Alisha: Admin. Assistant, $16.22 Hourly.
Gavin, Tim: Police Officer, $25.31 Hourly.
Tygart, Chuck: Police Officer, $28.21 Hourly.
Rockafellow, Ryan: Investigator, $24.34 Hourly.
Santiago, Juan: Police Officer, $22.41 Hourly.
Regenwether, Creighton: Police Officer, $23.37 Hourly.
Seymour, Mitch: Police Officer, $23.37 Hourly.
Bowstead, Lee: Police Officer, $23.37 Hourly.
Shine, Chris: Police Officer, $22.41 Hourly.
Miller, Joel: Police Officer, $21.45 Hourly.
Hayes, Nathan: Police Officer, $21.45 Hourly.
Jennings, Andy: Police Officer, $21.45 Hourly.
Jacobsen, Cody: Police Officer, $21.45 Hourly.
Clubb, Travis: Police Officer, $20.49 Hourly.
Ross, Ruben: Police Officer, $20.49 Hourly.
Vandewater, Eric: Fire Chief, $1,165.20 Bi-Weekly
Hardin, Bryan: Assistant Fire Chief, $980.40 Bi-Weekly
Schmooke, Bill: Recruitment/Retention Coordinator, $934.80 Bi-Weekly .
Palmer, Thomas: Building Official, $6,617.87 Monthly .
Christensen, Jerald: Building Inspector I, $25.00 Hourly.
Shay, Brian: Building Inspector I, $21.04 Hourly.
Minor, William: Construction Inspector, $26.27 Hourly.
Conklin, Trudy: Administrative Assistant, $19.66 Hourly.
Public Safety
Anderson, Lisa: Crossing Guard, $17.06 Hourly.
Lewis, Amy: Crossing Guard, $17.06 Hourly.
Martin, Rebecca: Crossing Guard, $17.06 Hourly.
Dolphin, Richard: Crossing Guard (Sub), $17.06 Hourly.
Dolphin, Terre: Crossing Guard (Sub), $17.06 Hourly.
Crowner, Dee: Library Director, $6,538.13 Monthly .
Garner, Jennifer: Assistant Library Director, $5,279.73 Monthly .
Lubben, Janet: Technology Services Librarian, $22.53 Hourly.
Hayes, Elaine: Adult Services Librarian, $23.03 Hourly.
Frisbie, Andrew: Youth/Teen Services Librarian, $21.04 Hourly.
Stewart, Melanie: Youth/Teen Services Librarian, $20.55 Hourly.
O’Sheridan-Tabor, Emily: Circulation Services Librarian, $15.32 Hourly.
Kuhl, Laura: Assistant Adult Services Librarian Part-Time, $16.96 Hourly.
Coleman, Latisha: Library Assistant Part-Time, $9.40 Hourly.
Schneider, Erik: Library Page, $9.18 Hourly.
Corso, Mary:Library Page-Fill-In, $7.62 Hourly.
Goldsmith, Guy: Director Parks, Buildings, Grounds, $6,617.87 Monthly .
Hamer, Timothy :Assistant Director Parks, Buildings, Grounds, $24.50 Hourly.
Halstead, William: Parks Maintenance Worker III, $23.03 Hourly.
Hamer, Brian: Parks Maintenance Worker III, $21.04 Hourly.
Simpson, Michelle: Recreation Director, $3,017.60 Bi-Weekly .
Motley, Brian: Assistant Recreation Director, $2,458.40 Bi-Weekly .
Fielder, Matthew: Youth Program Supervisor, $4,768.40 Monthly .
Meseck, Matthew: PM Recreation Supervisor, $3,861.87 Monthly .
Huisman, Kyle: Site Supervisor/Concession Manager, $1,383.48 Bi-Weekly .
Egly, Jason: Administrative Assistant, $16.58 Hourly.
Leonard, Dale: Custodial Supervisor, $24.00 Hourly.
Conklin, Jerry: Custodian, $16.84 Hourly.
Plotz, Gary: Custodian Part-Time, $11.55 Hourly.
Woods, Brittani: Counselor Part-Time, $12.71 Hourly.
Heldt, Scott: Head Counselor Part-Time, $12.41 Hourly.
Gerot, Katie Aquatic Supervisor, $4,348.93 Monthly .
Water Safety Aid, $7.84 - $8.57 Hourly.
Assistant Water Safety Aid, $8.70 - $9.51 Hourly.
Lifeguard, $8.70 - $9.51 Hourly.
Concessions, $8.70 - $9.51 Hourly.
Swim Instructor, $9.50 - $10.38 Hourly.
Private Swim Instructor, $20.60 Hourly.
Assistant Concessions Manager, $9.22 -, $10.08 Hourly.
Pool Manager, $10.77 -, $11.76 Hourly.
Head Lesson Coordinator, $10.77 -, $11.76 Hourly.
Lifeguard Instructor, $13.25 -, $14.48 Hourly.
Wheatley, Arthur: Planning Director, $6,617.87 Monthly .
Heiar, Ryan: Administrator, $10,014.29 Monthly .
Peterson, Scott: Attorney, $10,014.29 Monthly .
Mulcahey, Tracey: Clerk/Assistant City Administrator, $6,760.00 Monthly .
Hilton, Debra: Human Resource Director, $5,915.87 Monthly .
Byers, Mary: Deputy City Clerk, $28.32 Hourly.
Dykstra, Jacqueline: Administrative Assistant, $24.41 Hourly.
Harris, Jackie: HR / Legal Assistant, $20.43 Hourly.
Helm, Kellie: Administrative Assistant, $15.13 Hourly.
Bergus, Nicholas: Communications Director, $5,291.87 Monthly .
Harper, Erika: Communications Coordinator, $4,049.07 Monthly .
Erbe, Christina: Communications Specialist, $19.45 Hourly.
Colony, Don: Street Superintendent, $6,617.87 Monthly
Lange, Dan: Assistant Street Superintendent, $25.68 Hourly.
Pretasky, James: Laborer III, $22.03 Hourly.
Bowman, Nicholas: Laborer III, $19.60 Hourly.
Murray, Justin: Locate Laborer III, $18.69 Hourly
Kinney, Steven: Laborer I, $16.45 Hourly.
Schmidt, Matthew: Laborer I, $16.45 Hourly.
Metternich, Greg: Water Superintendent, $6,617.87 Monthly.
Pentecost, Michael: Asst. Water Superintendent, $29.82 Hourly
Keating, Michael: Water Operator II $26.31 Hourly.
Kopecky, Shannon: Water Maintenance Specialist, $24.90 Hourly.
Waste Water
Ramsey, David: Wastewater Superintendent, $3,054.40 Bi-Weekly.
Stensland, Kevin: Assistant Wastewater Superintendent, $28.04 Hourly.
Lammers, Drew: Wastewater Operations Supervisor, $24.11 Hourly
Arey, Thomas Waste Water Maintenance Specialist $22.25 Hourly
Furler, David Waste Water Operator I $20.89 Hourly

Won’t include these unless Doug says we should:
Black, Scott: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $11.40 Hourly.
Smith, Austen: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $11.40 Hourly.
Dykstra, Jason: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $11.40 Hourly.
Odgaard, Peter: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $11.40 Hourly.
Smith, Evan: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $11.40 Hourly.
Wheatley, Derek: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.97 Hourly.
Smith, Brent: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.
Eilers, Theodore: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.
Bay, Brandon: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.
Jones, Alan: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.
Peterson, Russell: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.
Kofoed, Adam: Seasonal Groundskeeper, $10.65 Hourly.

Abbott, Anna: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.70 Hourly.
Taylor, William: Building Monitor Part-Time, $10.95 Hourly.
Culp, Roberta: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.70 Hourly.
Bridge, Amber: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.70 Hourly.
Kivell, Tyler: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Andrews, Sarah: Building Monitor/Consession Manager Part-Time, $9.51/$10.08 Hourly.
Linahon, Jennifer: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Foster, Erin: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Olson, Lindsay: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Price, Jason: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Irons, Erik: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Pietz, Nicholas: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Greene, Noah: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Cooper, Michael: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Ireland, Anthony Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Mason, Tanee Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Farnsworth, Sydney: Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Jarvis, Kayla: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
McLeod, Cole: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Stelken, Ashten: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.51 Hourly.
Bruegger, Ellen: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.23 Hourly.
Rourke, Mariah Seasonal Rec Counselor, $8.96 Hourly.
Cahill, Aubrey: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $9.23 Hourly.
Steffen, Barbara Building Monitor Part-Time, $9.23 Hourly.
Ritter, Abigail: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Brewer, Christy: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Ryan, Morgan: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Tran, Hung: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Kumar, Sabrina: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Conrad, Nakota: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Hildreth, Tyler: Building Monitor-Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Carmody, Chelsey: Building Monitor-Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Binggeli, Jacob: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.96 Hourly.
Meade, Chelsea: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Anderson, Brody: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Dodds, Aaron: Building Monitor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Hilmer, Benjamin: Building Monitor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Hondlik, Franklin: Building Monitor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Myers, Samantha: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Robison, Benjamin: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.
Perkins, Jacob: Seasonal Rec Intern, $9.00 Hourly.
Snell, Serah: Recreation Counselor Part-Time, $8.70 Hourly.