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NRA names NLPD’s Shine Officer of the Year

Heroism under fire
Sgt. Christopher Shine.

NORTH LIBERTY– The date was March 10, 2013. North Liberty police officers Christopher Shine and Cody Jacobsen responded with Sergeant Adam Olson to a 9-1-1 call about a domestic fight in the Holiday Mobile Home Court. Upon their arrival, they found a female resident sitting outside the home at 238 Holiday Lodge. She was crying, red-faced and emotionally distressed. Inside the trailer was 28-year old Taleb Salameh.
The officers went to the front door, standing on a small, enclosed deck. After repeated orders for Salameh to open the door, an officer attempted to kick it open. Salameh ran to the back of the trailer, retrieved a gun and fired four shots at the officers, hitting two of them: one in the chest, the other in the abdomen. Fortunately for the officers, their body armor did its job and the bullets did not penetrate. While two of the officers retreated, Shine remained on the deck despite being wounded, and with shots still being fired by Salameh, positioned himself to engage if and when Salameh came into view.
During a pause in the shooting, Salameh moved into Shine’s view. The two saw each other at the same time and exchanged fire. Shine’s shots found their target, striking Salameh and ending his rampage.
All of this occurred in approximately 20 seconds.
For his efforts on that fateful day Shine was the recipient of the National Rifle Association (NRA)’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award through the NRA Law Enforcement Division. The award was established in 1993 and, “recognizes an exceptional act or service by a law enforcement officer.” The Law Enforcement Division was established in 1960 to provide the law enforcement community with a way of certifying its firearms instructors and also offers firearms competitions as a direct extension of training. The NRA conducts the National Police Shooting Championships and since 2008 has sponsored the Tactical Police Competition.
The NRA offered comments in a press release about the recognition. “Officer Shine’s heroic actions under the most stressful and confusing circumstances while seriously injured is a credit to himself, his department, and the community he serves and are in keeping with the highest traditions of law enforcement. Had the gunman been able to continue his attack and exit the trailer there is no doubt the lives of the gunman’s girlfriend and Shine’s fellow officers would have been in jeopardy.”
Shine– since then promoted to Sergeant– as well as Olson and Jacobsen were honored at the NRA’s annual convention in Indianapolis on April 25. In addition to being named officer of the year, Shine also received an engraved pistol from Smith & Wesson. Shine is the first officer from Iowa to receive this award.