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Panthers roll over Iowa men

I knew Iowa would have a tough matchup against the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Panthers Saturday in Des Moines.
UNI has talent, depth and a couple of former West High Trojans that would probably be Hawkeyes if Fran McCaffery had offered them.
Jeremy Morgan, a sophomore for UNI, is a starter and played 14 minutes against Iowa, scoring seven points and grabbing three rebounds.
Iowa only had one scholarship when Jeremy was coming out of high school and Peter Jok was signed by the Hawks.
Peter came off the bench playing 20 minutes, scoring four points and had four rebounds Saturday.
Jeremy is the son of Michael Morgan, who played for the Hawkeyes in the late ‘80s and also was a Hawkeye assistant coach under Lisa Bluder.
Wyatt Lohaus is the son of Brad Lohaus, who was a teammate of Michael Morgan’s at Iowa.
Wyatt came off the bench, played 17 minutes and scored six points.
Iowa took junior college All-American Trey Dickerson at point guard and didn’t offer Wyatt.
Did Fran make a mistake?
Only time will tell, but right now Jeremy and Wyatt are playing really well for the Panthers.
UNI had 10 players on the court for over 10 minutes and all 10 of them scored.
Iowa played 11 and only seven scored, with Mike Gesell the only one in double figures with 10 points.
This basketball season is starting to remind me of how the football team would get a nice lead in the first half and then not be able to hold it in the second half.
I felt pretty good when the Hawks led 29-23 at half.
They were shooting 41 percent from the floor and 60 percent from 3-point range.
The second half was a meltdown.
Iowa was outscored 33-15 in the second half, shot only 12.5 percent from the floor and was 0-7 from 3-point range.
The Hawks are going to have trouble winning any games if they shoot like that.
It’s really disappointing when starting guard Anthony Clemmons plays 20 minutes and only scores two points. He only took one shot!
In the last four games, Anthony has scored zero, four, two and two points.
How about senior Josh Oglesby, who didn’t score a point in 17 minutes?
In the last five games, Josh has scored zero, zero, zero, five and zero points.
Those two aren’t the main reason Iowa has lost its last two games, but they didn’t help.
The Hawkeyes need a player to make a shot at crunch time.
Peter Jok has the talent to be that guy. He’s not there yet.