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Protheroe among teachers who traveled to Germany

SOLON– This summer, 100 social studies and STEM teachers from the United States and Canada will travel to Germany as fellows of the Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP).
Of the hundreds who applied in 2016, Sue Protheroe, from Solon Middle School, was one of 100 social studies and STEM educators selected to travel to Germany, this summer, on a two-week, all-expenses-paid study tour. Though each tour is different, highlights of TOP fellowships typically include VIP access to German elementary and high schools, vocational schools, corporations, manufacturers, NGOs, cultural venues, policy makers, historical sites, and much more.
The Transatlantic Outreach Program helps social studies and STEM teachers in the United States and Canada teach about contemporary Germany so young people are exposed to a nuanced and balanced view of this important international partner. Based at the Goethe-Institut in Washington, D.C., the TOP team promotes education, dialogue, and experience on topics such as the German school system, German and EU politics, sustainability projects, and corporate social responsibility, as well as culture, history, and geography.
As a central part of their mission, TOP organizes study tours to Germany, providing teachers with first-hand knowledge of the country. To ensure study tour participants learn about current topics relevant to their curricula, the TOP team has planned exciting activities and new meetings for this summer’s tours. For example, one group of social studies teachers will be taking an in-depth look at the situation of refugees in Germany, while a group of STEM teachers will see for themselves what progress has been made in the German Energy Transition. After they return, participants lead professional development sessions and create original instructional units, which in turn result in new teaching materials based on current events. Since 2002, over 1,300 teachers have traveled to Germany as TOP fellows.
In addition to the study tours, TOP creates and distributes teaching materials addressing topics on current-day Germany that are designed for use in social studies and STEM classes. TOP also supports hundreds of professional development workshops across the United States and Canada to help teachers learn more about Germany and incorporate TOP teaching materials into their lessons.
TOP is a public/private partnership of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Goethe-Institut, Deutsche Bank, Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Siemens Corporation.