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Showing patriotism and helping kids

Clear Creek Lions Club blankets Tiffin with Old Glory
Flags sit rolled up in the back of a pickup truck awaiting deployment across Tiffin on Saturday, June 13. The Clear Creek Lions Club placed around 140 American flags in the yards of subscribers to their Flags Over Tiffin program for Flag Day (Sunday, June 14).

TIFFIN– It’s known by many names: “Old Glory,” The “Stars and Stripes,” “The Colors.” The flag of the United States of America consists of 13 red and white alternating stripes with a blue field covered in white stars (originally 13 to represent a new constellation). On June 14, 1777, The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution sealing the design of the flag recognized around the world. One-hundred thirty-nine years later, President Woodrow Wilson decreed June 14 to be “Flag Day,” a day to honor the flag and the country it represents.
It is also one of five days throughout the year Lions Club members place flags throughout the communities they serve.
In Tiffin, the Clear Creek Lions Club spent the morning of Saturday, June 13, placing flags on metal poles in special holders in the front yards of subscribers to their “Flags Over Tiffin” program. Tina Grace, President of the Clear Creek Lions, said “We’re sitting at about 135-140 flags for a town of about 4,000, so we’re hoping to have it completely covered within five years.”
The club started the program last year for the Fourth of July, and it has been in existence for nearly two years (its anniversary will be in November).
“An average club gets about 35 flags per year, so we’re ahead of our schedule,” Grace said.
“Flags Over Tiffin helps us to raise money to help kids who need glasses through Iowa KidSight,” she said. Iowa KidSight is a joint project of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital for the early detection and treatment of vision impairments in young children (6 months of age through kindergarten) through screening and public education. Iowa KidSight provides vision screening for free with the help of Lions Club volunteers.
“It’s nice to show patriotism, and to show support, especially in this time,” she said. “I really, really enjoy doing this.”
While recent protests against racism have seen acts of vandalism in nearby Iowa City, Grace was not worried about the flags, which were out until Monday morning when members reclaimed them and put them back into safe, climate-controlled storage. “This is a good town, a good community, and I think everybody’s got our support and they’re all going to look out for the flags, and we’re going to put them up no matter what.”
To join: contact the club through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ClearCreekLions/.
“We are looking for new members, and there is a discount for couples joining together,” Grace said. “We try to meet monthly, sometimes twice per month. Right now we’re doing virtual (online) meetings, but we’re trying to come back together after all this (the COVID-19 crisis).”
The club will put the flags out again for the Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day. Subscriptions are $35/year to place a flag in your yard on Memorial Day and Flag Day as well. Club members place the flags in holders set into the ground early in the morning of the day before the holiday, and then remove them for safe storage as soon as possible after it. The club can take subscriptions online through Venmo @ClearCreekLionsClub as well as by check to P.O. Box 197, Tiffin, IA, 52340.
“I hope to have at least another 50 flags by the end of the year,” Grace said. “We enjoy doing this.”