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Shrek - The SHS Musical Production

SOLON– What happens when you put a couple dozen dancing dolls, three blind mice, two jaded ogres and one narcissistic lord all together in a magical kingdom where fairy tale creatures come to life and a brassy dragon falls in love with a sassy donkey?
Another fantastic musical presented by the Solon High School music and drama departments.
“Shrek the Musical,” a theater adaptation of the DreamWorks film, was directed by Solon Middle School vocal music instructor Jessica Frerich and performed by a slew of Solon’s middle school and high school students on Nov. 14 and Nov. 15.
The story follows the loveable if somewhat cranky ogre Shrek, who finds his swamp home overrun by fairy tale creatures displaced by villainous Lord Farquaad, head of the nearby kingdom of Duloc. Wanting to reclaim the seclusion of the swamp, Shrek and his newfound companion Donkey grudgingly travel to Duloc only to be offered a deal in exchange; bring Farquaad the princess Fiona– who happens to be under a secret curse and living in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing, possessively overbearing dragon– and Shrek can have his swamp back.
The ensemble of nearly 90 characters drew on a wide age range of students, as some characters were played as youngsters as well as adults. Led by Logan Chaloupka as Shrek, David Daugherty as Donkey, Jenna Roskopf as Princess Fiona, Erika Bailey as Ogre Fiona, Brittany Slusher as Dragon and Raiden Takeuchi as Lord Farquaad, the entire enchanting cast– from poor, pining Pinocchio to the wry-witted Big Bad Wolf and Gingy, the gingerbread cookie with snappy comebacks– was as charming, funny and consistently on-key as the community has come to expect of the talented singers, actors and orchestral musicians that light up Solon’s stage each year. Back stage and behind the scenes, technicians, set and costume designers, makeup artists and prop hands kept the show moving from curtain call to grand finale without even one unhappy ending.