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Solon Archery qualifies for World Tournament

By Gary Mechtensimer,
Solon Archery Team head coach
Special to the Economist

Once again, I am so blessed and fortunate to be on a remarkable journey with the Solon Archery Team.
Our trip took us to the national tournament in Louisville, Ken. Upon arrival at the Kentucky Exposition Center, it became very apparent as to how big this event is. The building seems to stretch on forever, and every turn of the head produced a colorful view of all the different school jerseys. I personally thought that the Solon jerseys looked the best, but I am a bit biased when it comes to that. This year’s tournament was deemed the largest indoor tournament ever with approximately 15,000 archers in attendance.
At the tournaments, archers are paired up with another archer from a different school. Many times at these large competitions, I have to travel up and down the shooting range in the coaches alley to watch and help our archers. Sometimes this requires just an encouraging word or reinforcement of keeping a positive attitude. I arrived at the shooting lanes of two of our more experienced archers and watched them help their opponents, which were much younger and less experienced. When their flights were finished, several of the other teams’ coaches approached our archers to thank them and shake their hands. Then they approached me and shook my hand, and stated they have never witnessed an act of kindness and sportsmanship of that caliber before. Needless to say, I was one very proud coach. The fact that this has happened before at several of our regular season tournaments is a true testimony to the caliber of our young athletes on the Solon Archery Team. Many of our archers upgraded their personal best scores.
Congratulations to not only the squad that went to nationals, but to the team as a whole. All your hard work is appreciated. The future of the Solon Archery Team looks very promising. They had an awesome season, again. Thanks so much for this incredible journey we’re on. To top off a very successful season, the team also qualified for the world tournament. The team has only been in existence for four years, and they have qualified for the World Championship Tournament the last three years. Unbelievable!
If you have never seen an archery competition, please come to our home tournament in January and support our team. You’re in for a real treat.