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Tiffin frisbee golf course unveiled

Makes creative use of floodplain along Clear Creek
Tiffin resident Quinn Murphy tries his hand at the new Tiffin Timbers frisbee golf course Thursday, July 12. The course begins along Ireland Avenue and utilizes a floodplain along Clear Creek. (photo by Cale Stelken)

TIFFIN– This summer, Tiffin introduced perhaps one of its most scenic recreation spots, quietly unveiling the new Tiffin Timbers frisbee golf course.
The roughly 20-acre layout features nine holes taking players through heavily wooded grass paths, open prairie and partially along the city’s concrete, multi-use trail.
“It’s got a beautiful layout with the timber and the open fields and so forth,” remarked City of Tiffin Parks Director/Public Works Maintenance Worker Jonas Zimmer. “We were able to design it and kind of cut it through the timber, and use the timber to our advantage.”
The new course marks the second frisbee golf course in the city’s history, albeit with a more ambitious design and holes of more varied difficulty.
“I think it’s going to be a course that’s kind of fun for everybody, as far as someone that plays a lot, and even someone that is just starting out,” Zimmerman added.
For the uninitiated, frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a disc sport played in a fashion similar to traditional golf, where the object is to complete each “hole” with the fewest number of throws. Holes are typically designated as elevated metal baskets, like those utilized by the Tiffin course. Much like the clubs of traditional golf, different styles of discs are used for different parts of a course. Since the 1970s, the sport has been played professionally in 47 countries and has grown to over 100,000 professional athletes. Interest in frisbee golf has grown at a rapid pace over the last few decades, with the number of courses nearly tripling between 2000 and 2009.
Zimmerman explained Tiffin’s new course was devised as a creative transformation of what would have otherwise been questionable land.
“This was a floodplain that we really couldn’t utilize for much of anything, and with a frisbee golf course, if we have a flood, it’s not going to be really be an issue.”
Development of the Tiffin Timbers course started around October last year and required a lot of tree and undergrowth removal, as well as regrading and reseeding the entire course. A large driveway and parking lot were also built, east of Ireland Avenue. Despite the ambitious efforts behind the course, Zimmerman said the cost was low as the project was handled entirely by the city at a gradual pace.
“We really didn’t know how long it’d take us to build it,” he remarked. “We have so much going on in Tiffin, so it was more of when we had time, we were able to get out here and work on it.”
Zimmerman said while fully functional, the layout is still a work in progress, with more trees to be planted, grass yet to mature and new trees struggling with the high summer temperatures.
“Our seeding needs a little TLC,” he observed. Nevertheless, Tiffin’s new recreation destination is already gaining attention.
“I’ve seen quite a few people playing on it,“ Zimmer said of the course, which has only had a soft opening thus far.