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Trojans compete in district swim meet

West’s Keen named Athlete of the Year

North Liberty Leader
IOWA CITY– The Cedar Rapids Washington Warriors earned their 51st consecutive district title Saturday, Feb. 8, in competition in Iowa City. The Warriors amassed 295 points to take the championship. The West High Trojans were second with 274.
West High’s Aiden Keen was named the Athlete of the Year while Cedar Rapids Kennedy’s Shawn Thompson, with assistants Shane Brekke, Nick Carew and Greg Gibson was named Coach of the Year.
The West High 200-yard medley relay manned by Mark McGlaughlin, Matt Anderson, Carson Miller and Oliver Martin won in 1:36.41, Keen won the 200-yard freestyle in 1:42.85 and the 500-yard freestyle in 4:42.92, McGlaughlin was first in the 50-yard freestyle in 21.11 seconds and the 100-yard freestyle in 46.61 seconds. The 200-yard freestyle relay team of Martin, Will Scott, Miller and Keen was first in 1:26.51, Matt Anderson won the 100-yard breaststroke in 59.64 seconds and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of Keen, Scott, Anderson and McGlaughlin was first in 3:14.95. Their first-place finishes advance to the state meet Saturday, Feb. 15, at the YMCA-YWCA in Marshalltown.
Also qualifying for West are Oliver Martin and Will Scott in the 50-yard freestyle, Martin and Miller in the 100-yard butterfly, Scott in the 100-yard freestyle and Miller in the 100-yard breaststroke.

200-yard medley relay: 1, IC West (Mark McGlaughlin, Matt Anderson, Carson Miller, Oliver Martin), 1:36.41, 32 points.
200-yard freestyle: 1, Aidan Keen, IC West, 1:42.85, 16 points. 4, Zach Hingtgen, IC West, 1:52.00, 11 points. 16, Kai Trepka, IC West, 2:08.24.
200-yard IM: 2, Anderson, IC West, 1:59.98, 13 points. 13, Ritchie Zahng, IC West, 2:16.28. 14, Noah Bruns, IC West, 2:19.22.
50-yard freestyle: 1, McGlaughlin, IC West, 21.11, 16 points. 2, Martin, IC West, 21.52, 13 points. 5, Will Scott, IC West, 21.99, 10 points.
100-yard butterfly: 2, Martin, IC West, 52.08, 13 points. 4, Miller, IC West, 54.74, 11 points. 11, Callum Scott, IC West, 1:01.13, 2 points.
100-yard freestyle: 1, McGlaughlin, IC West, 46.61, 16 points. 3, W. Scott, IC West, 49.06, 12 points. 11, Hingtgen, IC West, 51.69, 2 points.
500-yard freestyle: 1, Keen, IC West, 4:42.92, 16 points. 12, Seth Barrash, IC West, 5:41.30, 1 point. 14, Trepka, IC West, 5:41.84.
200-meter freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Martin, W. Scott, Miller, Keen), 1:26.51, 32 points.
100-yard backstroke: 13, Nassim Adu-Dagga, 1:03.69. 14, Bruns, IC West, 1:03.97. 19, Barrash, IC West, 1:05.69.
100-yard breaststroke: 1, Anderson, IC West, 59.64, 16 points. 5, Miller, IC West, 1:01.24, 10 points. 14, Niel Wu, IC West, 1:09.28.
400-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Keen, W. Scott, Anderson, McGlaughlin), 3:14.95, 32 points.