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Trojans make waves at home

Griffis and Hajek post varsity wins for West in quad meet

CORALVILLE– West High’s Trojan boys swim team won its home quad meet against Dubuque Hempstead, Dubuque Senior and crosstown rival City High Saturday, Dec. 9, at the Coralville Recreation Center.
The varsity Trojans won their meet with 181 points, topping City High’s 129 while the junior varsity (JV) Trojans dominated the field with 203 points. Dubuque Senior was a very distant second with 94 team points.
Lane Griffis was a double-winner for the varsity Trojans, taking the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard breaststroke events, while Izaak Hajek won the 100-yard backstroke. West High’s varsity won all three relay events: 200-yard medley, 200-yard freestyle and 400-yard freestyle.
Seven West High JV swimmers earned individual wins: Luke Nichols (200-yard Individual Medley), Edward Dowling (50-yard freestyle), John Li (100-yard butterfly), Coleman Riss (100-yard freestyle), Amol Bhagavathi (500-yard freestyle), Ben Schroeder (100-yard backstroke) and Shangguan Yangtian (100-yard breaststroke). The JV relay squads won the 200-yard medley and the 200-yard freestyle.
West travels to the Mercer Park Aquatic Center (2701 Bradford Dr., Iowa City) on Saturday, Dec. 16, for City High’s invitational starting at 11 a.m. and will host Cedar Rapids Kennedy on Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 6 p.m. in the Coralville Recreation Center to finish 2017. 2018 opens with a Saturday, Jan. 6, invitational at Linn-Mar High School in Marion starting at noon.

Results as provided by Iowa City West High Swimming
Varsity team rankings: 1, Iowa City West, 181. 2, Iowa City, City High, 129. 3, Dubuque Hempstead, 112. 4, Dubuque Senior, 96.
Junior Varsity (JV) team rankings: 1, Iowa City West, 203. 2, Dubuque Senior, 94. 3, Iowa City, City High, 92. 4, Dubuque Hempstead, 71.
JV 200-yard medley relay: 1, IC West “A” (Ben Schroeder, Yangtian Shangguan, Amol Bhagavathi, Noah Kleese), 1:56.02.
Varsity 200-yard medley relay: 1, IC West “A” (John Li, Ben Berhow, Valeriy Trussov, Michael Kimball), 1:44.94. 5, IC West “B” (Parth Patel, Tate Happel, Luke Nichols, Coleman Riss), 1:51.44.
JV 200-yard freestyle: 2, Li, 2:04.37. 3, Evan Sharafuddin, 2:09.24.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle: 2, Happel, 1:53.75. 6, Aiden Petersen, 2:00.05.
JV 200-yard IM: 1, Nichols, 2:18.61. 2, Shangguan, 2:25.31.
Varsity 200-yard IM: 2, Berhow, 2:10.99. 6, Trussov, 2:16.19.
JV 50-yard freestyle: 1, Edward Dowling, 24.35. 3, Jeff Garbut, 25.29.
Varsity 50-yard freestyle: 2, Izaak Hajek, 23.29. 3, Kimball, 24.29.
JV 100-yard butterfly: 1, Li, 1:01.96. 2, Nichols, 1:02.28.
Varsity 100-yard butterfly: 1, Lane Griffis, 55.39. 3, Bhagavathi, 58.96.
JV 100-yard freestyle: 1, Riss, 54.36. 2, Dowling, 54.47.
Varsity 100-yard freestyle: 3, Trussov, 54.17. 6, Kimball, 56.12.
JV 500-yard freestyle: 1, Bhagavathi, 5:30.13. 3, Sharafuddin, 5:46.04.
Varsity 500-yard freestyle: 2, Happel, 5:13.69. 6, Petersen, 5:25.73.
JV 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West “A” (Li, Nichols, Dowling, Johnson), 1:40.09. 2, IC West “B” (Schroeder, Kleese, Nolan Frey, Sharafuddin), 1:48.94.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West “A” (Berhow, Hajek, Griffis, Kimball), 1:33.32. 5, IC West “B” (Garbut, Riss, Patel, Petersen), 1:40.61.
JV 100-yard backstroke: 1, Schroeder, 1:07.71. 3, Jake Sharafuddin, 1:11.22.
Varsity 100-yard backstroke: 1, Hajek, 56.66. 2, Patel, 1:01.25.
JV 100-yard breaststroke: 1, Yangtian, 1:11.33. 3, Frey, 1:24.95.
Varsity 100-yard breaststroke: 1, Griffis, 1:01.87. 2, Berhow, 1:02.43.
JV 400-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West “A” (J. Sharafuddin, Garbut, Johnson, Shangguan), 3:56.24. 2, IC West “B” (Dowling, E. Sharafuddin, Schroeder, Frey), 4:09.30.
Varsity 400-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West “A” (Trussov, Hajek, Happel, Griffis), 3:30.71. 3, IC West “B” (Riss, Patel, Bhagavathi, Petersen), 3:40.38.