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Trojans win IC-Dubuque Quadrangle swim meet

North Liberty Leader
CORALVILLE– The Coralville Recreation Center was the site of the 2015 Iowa City-Dubuque Quadrangle boys swim meet Saturday, Dec. 12, as Iowa City West High and City High faced Dubuque Senior and Hempstead high schools.
The West High Trojans took both varsity and junior varsity (JV) team titles with 173 points and 183 points respectively. Rival City High finished fourth in both contests.
Griffis Lane and Oliver Martin earned individual varsity wins for West High, with Griffis winning the 200-yard IM and 500-yard freestyle events and Martin taking the 100-yard breaststroke. Nasim Abu-Dagga, Ben Berhow, Brennon Keen and Ethan McAreavy won the varsity 200-yard medley while Martin, McAreavy, Berhow and Noah Bruns won the 200-yard freestyle relay.
Keen and Samuel Deyak were individual winners in JV competition for West with Keen winning the JV 50-yard freestyle and Deyak taking the 100-yard freestyle. Ben Schroeder, Kai Trepka, Nic Rath and Orion Staskal won the JV 200-yard medley relay for West with Coleman Riss, Nick Johnson, Staskal and Donte Lyvers taking the JV 200-yard freestyle relay. Coleman, Schroeder, Rath and Trepka won the JV 400-yard freestyle relay as well.
JV 200-yard medley relay: 1, IC West (Ben Schroeder, Kai Trepka, Nic Rath, Orion Staskal), 2:02.64. 2, IC West (Drew Graves, Donte Lyvers, Thomson Coffey, Joel Tansey), 2:12.01.
Varsity 200-yard medley relay: 1, IC West (Nasim Abu-Dagga, Ben Berhow, Brennon Keen, Ethan McAreavy), 1:47.03. 5, IC West (Jake Sharafuddin, Lane Griffis, Richie Zhang, Samuel Deyak), 1:53.02.
JV 200-yard freestyle: 3, Trepka, 2:11.30. 6, Nick Johnson, 2:27.93.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle: 4, Sharafuddin, 2:05.19. 7, Zhang, 2:06.84.
JV 200-yard IM: 2, Schroeder, 2:29.76. 5, Daniel Szmyrgala, 2:31.93.
Varsity 200-yard IM: 1, Griffis, 2:08.99. 3, Berhow, 2:13.59.
JV 50-yard freestyle: 1, Keen, 23.87. 2, Coleman Riss, 26.28.
Varsity 50-yard freestyle: 2, Noah Bruns, 23.91. 4, McAreavy, 24.57.
JV 100-yard butterfly: 3, Rath, 1:18.03. 4, Coffey, 1:20.33.
Varsity 100-yard butterfly: 4, Abu-Dagga, 1:02.52. 6, Sharafuddin, 1:04.15.
JV 100-yard freestyle: 1, Deyak, 54.28. 3, Riss, 58.43.
Varsity 100-yard freestyle: 1, Oliver Martin, 48.80. 2, Bruns, 52.36.
JV 500-yard freestyle: 3, Szmyrgala, 6:18.64. 5, Reed Coiner, 6:51.51.
Varsity 500-yard freestyle: 1, Griffis, 5:10.39. 7, Trepka, 6:09.33.
JV 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Riss, Johnson, Staskal, Lyvers), 1:49.78. 4, IC West (Coffey, Graves Tansey, Ben Bliven), 1:59.38.
Varsity 200-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Martin, McAreavy, Berhow, Bruns), 1:33.70. 3, IC West (Zhang, Deyak, Sharafuddin, Keen), 1:39.24.
JV 100-yard backstroke: 2, Rath, 1:14.46. 4, Graves, 1:25.02.
Varsity 100-yard backstroke: 2, Abu-Dagga, 1:01.28. 7, Schroeder, 1:10.44.
JV 100-yard breaststroke: 3, Lyvers, 1:14.23. 8, Staskal, 1:44.43.
Varsity 100-yard breaststroke: 1, Martin, 1:01.69. 3, Berhow, 1:06.00.
JV 400-yard freestyle relay: 1, IC West (Riss, Schroeder, Rath, Trepka), 4:00.66. 2, IC West (Szmyrgala, Johnson, Staskal, Tansey), 4:11.91.
Varsity 400-yard freestyle relay: 2, IC West (Bruns, McAreavy, Zhang, Martin), 3:31.45. 4, IC West (Keen, Deyak, Abu-Dagga, Griffis), 3:42.40.
Varsity Team Rankings: 1, Iowa City West, 173. 2, Dubuque Senior High School, 129. 3, Dubuque Hempstead, 121. 4, Iowa City High School, 93.