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Trump and Warren win JoCo Caucus

Lots of participants, slim margins and a technical glitch make Caucus 2020 memorable
Brittany Zumbach and Matthew Helmke show support for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders prior to the start of a Democratic caucus Monday, Feb. 3, at the North Liberty Community Center. After several days of delays in getting results compiled, the Associated Press reported Sanders came in third in Johnson County behind Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

NORTH LIBERTY– The 2020 Caucus will be remembered for a number of reasons, including a glitch with a software application which delayed the Democratic results for several days.
Several precincts, for both the Democrats and Republicans, filled rooms at the North Liberty Community Center and clogged the parking lots. Overflow parking migrated to other nearby lots with Recreation Center staff fielding several angry phone calls from businesses whose lots were filled with caucus goers, preventing customers from parking.
According to the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI), President Donald J. Trump easily championed the challenge from Joe Walsh and William Weld, with Trump winning Johnson County with 740 votes and the state with 97.15 percent of the vote. Johnson County Republicans cast 827 votes in total including 38 for Weld, 21 for Walsh, and 28 for other.
RPI Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said, "What a way to kick off Pres. Trump’s re-election campaign– with decisive, record-breaking caucus results.”
Democrats vastly out-number Republicans in Johnson County according to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate. His office shows 17,776 active Republicans versus 45,787 Democrats. Active No Party or Independents, out-number both parties with 32,507. Under caucus rules, independents had to register as either a Republican or a Democrat to participate with same-day registration available.
The Democrats ran into trouble quickly as they attempted to report the results of their caucuses. While the Republicans held one vote, Democrats went through alignments to determine a candidate’s viability. Delegates were also determined while Republican delegates are voted on in county and district conventions. A brand new and untested app was utilized with disastrous results.
Secretary Pate issued a statement as the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) scrambled to do a hand count from precincts across all of Iowa’s 99 counties.
“The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office and county auditors have no official role in the Iowa Caucuses,” Pate stated. “They are run by the political parties. Although the caucuses are the kickoff of the presidential nominating process, they are not elections. The accuracy of the Iowa Democratic Party’s vote totals is much more important than the timeliness of releasing the results. I am glad to hear they have a paper trail for their votes, just as we use paper ballots in all official elections in the State of Iowa. I support IDP while they take their time and conduct checks and balances to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the votes.”
On Thursday, Feb. 6, Tom Perez, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), called for a re-canvass of the results. The Associated Press (AP) reported Perez said the measure was necessary to assure public confidence after three days of technical issues and delays.
“Enough is enough,” Perez said.
The AP also said they could not declare a Democratic winner as former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren were so close in vote totals.
At almost 8 p.m., the IDP declared the results final with Warren winning Johnson County with 5,306 votes (32.75 percent) and Sanders a close second with 5,225 (32.25 percent). Buttigieg was third with 20.75 percent. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was fourth with 1,742 (10.75 percent) and former Vice-President Joe Biden was a very distant fifth in the county with 567 votes (3.5 percent). Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang, Patrick Deval, Michael Bloomberg, John Delaney, who has since dropped out of the race, and Michael Bennet received no votes in Johnson County.
According to the AP on Friday, Feb. 7, Buttigieg edged Sanders 26.21 percent to 26.12 percent to win the state, with Warren third with 17.98 percent, and Biden fourth at nearly 16 percent. Klobuchar was fifth at just over 12 percent with Yang netting one percent of the votes cast statewide. Steyer fared even worse, garnering only 0.3 percent.