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2009: The year Remington sold its ten-millionth model 870 12-guage shot gun, the same model James Holmes used to begin his killing spree in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater.
100: Bullet capacity of the drum magazine of the Smith and Wesson M&P 15, the second weapon Holmes used. The gun, which is basically a semi-automatic version of the fully-automatic, military assault rifle called an M16, jammed.
18: Number of seconds he could have shot all 100 bullets if the gun had not jammed.
6,000: “Running low,” Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said a law-abiding sportsman might think if they were down to their last 6,000 bullets. It’s also the same amount of ammo Holmes was found to possess.
350: Millions of guns in the U.S. as estimated by the F.B.I., and approximate number of U.S. citizens.
2,887: The number of applications to purchase firearms received by the state of Colorado in the Friday to Sunday period after the shooting.
43: Percent increase in applications from the weekend before.
100: Estimated varieties of “bath salts,” synthetic drugs that are sold with a wink as toiletry items, which are meant to be snorted or smoked for a high.
6,100: Number of calls to poison control centers about bath salt drugs in 2011, up from 304 in 2010.
24: Hours a man spent running from an ax-wielding devil after using a bath salt.
98.6: Normal human body temperature. Bath salt users often experience rising temperatures causing them to strip off their clothes.
115: People killed in a wave of violence in Iraq on July 23.
9: Years since President George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq during a speech on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.
7: Months since the last U.S. soldier was withdrawn from Iraq.
260,926,200: Amount of dollars raised by the Barack Obama presidential campaign as of March of this year.
122,024,185: Amount raised by Mitt Romney.
54: Percent of Obama’s money that comes from donations of $200 or less; and percent of Romney’s money that comes from donations of $2,500.
3: Dollars, in billions, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) was losing per quarter in 2011.
3,700: Number of small post office the USPS proposed closing the same year to cut costs.
178: Number of the proposed closings that would have been in Iowa.
27,500: Typical annual revenue of a post office on the to-be-closed list.
100,000: Amount of annual revenue needed for a post office to break even.
0: Number of Iowa post offices that have been closed since Gov. Terry Branstad fought the move.
12: The number of post office buildings Branstad owns and then leases to the USPS.
40: Pounds of liquid mercury found in a bottle in a basement by a construction worker in Armstrong.
1/2: Amount of the highly toxic chemical element that was spilled at a local bar after the construction worker took it there to show it off.
1: Number of vacuums the bar owner used in trying to clean up the mess.
8: Number of people at the bar exposed to the metal who are now being observed for mercury poisoning.
4: Number of children also being observed. The worker who discovered the mercury took it back to the home where he found it but hid it in a sandbox. The children dug up the bottle.