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West and Liberty boys run in Wilkinson Relays

West, Greiner, Garbutt and Caruthers win for Trojans
Liberty High’s Ethan O’Donnell nears the finish line of the varsity 800-meter sprint medley relay Thursday, March 29, during Cedar Rapids Washington’s Wilkinson Relays at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids. Jack Ankenbauer, Kaleb Williams, Drake Woody and O’Donnell finished ninth in the event. (photos by Chris Umscheid)

CEDAR RAPIDS – Iowa City West High’s Trojans and the Liberty High Lightning (AKA: the Bolts) opened the regular outdoor track season Thursday, March 29, at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids as they participated in Cedar Rapids Washington’s 32nd annual Wilkinson Relays.
The Trojans won the meet with 143 team points. Linn-Mar took the runner-up spot with 105 while rival City High was 11th with 10. Liberty High, in its first outdoor meet, rounded out the field in 13th place with five points.
Austin West was a double-winner for the Trojans as he took the long jump and 400-meter hurdles. Other winners for West High included Kolby Greiner, Jeff Garbutt and Gabe Caruthers in the 3,200-meter run, 800-meter run and 200-meter dash, respectively. Jackson Steburg, Devlin Lockman, Andre White and Caruthers won the 800-meter sprint medley relay while Tyuss Bell, White, Ehab Abdalla and Yousif Salama won the 1,600-meter sprint medley relay.
Drake Woody was Liberty High’s top individual finisher with a 10th-place showing in the 400-meter hurdles while Kelby Telander, Ben Houselog, Kolby Godbolt and Bo Gryp finished fourth in the 1,600-meter sprint medley relay.
Junior Varsity (JV) winners for West included Tom Adolph, Ethan Postler and Salama in the shot put, discus and 800-meter run, respectively, as well as Alex Wang, Joey Goodman, Owen Millers and Nandjill Elola in the 4x800-meter relay. Abdalla, Quinn Foerstner, Nick Fleckenstein and Cole Mabry found victory in the 4x400-meter relay as well.
The top finishers for the Liberty Lightning Bolts were Max Tafolla in the 200-meter dash (ninth), Telander in the high jump (10th) and Sam Nicklaus and Dominic Ehrman (11th in shot put and long jump, respectively). Dejuan Smith, Ehrman, Gavin Forbes and Dylan Schmidt placed seventh in the 1,600-meter sprint medley relay while Alex Dueker, Smith, Ryan Nugent and Corey Baldwin finished 10th in the 4x200 relay.
The Trojans will host their home meet on Saturday, April 7, at 10:30 a.m. and will compete in Cedar Rapids Prairie’s invitational on Tuesday, April 10, at 4:30 p.m. ahead of a Thursday, April 12, visit to Dalzell Field in Dubuque for a 4:30 p.m. meet.
Liberty’s Lightning Bolts will head for Case Field in Washington on Thursday, April 5, for a 3:30 p.m. meet and are at the Mapleleaf Athletic Complex in Mount Pleasant on Thursday, April 12, for a 4:30 p.m. invitational. Liberty travels to Linn-Mar on Saturday, April 14, for a 10 a.m. invitational meet.

Varsity results
Shot put: 1, Landon Green, Iowa City West, 50-02.00. 3, Jonathan Gannon, Iowa City West, 47-05.00. 15, Ryan Nugent, Liberty High, 35-06.00. 18, Max Lenane, Liberty High, 34-00.00.
Discus: 5, Gannon, Iowa City West, 153-06. 6, Green, Iowa City West, 140-09. 19, Lenane, Liberty High, 92-03. 24, Henry Lucy, Liberty High, 84-11.
Long jump: 1, Austin West, Iowa City West, 21-05.00. 14, Caden Fedeler, Iowa City West, 18-05.50.
High jump: DQ, Seybian Sims, Iowa City West.
800-meter sprint medley relay: 1, Iowa City West (Jackson Steburg, Devlin Lockman, Andre White, Gabe Caruthers), 1:36.36. 9, Liberty High (Jack Ankenbauer, Kaleb Williams, Drake Woody, Ethan O’Donnell), 1:43.61.
3,200-meter run: 1, Kolby Greiner, 9:46.92. 12, Raymond Yang, 10:42.29. 13, Peter Woodward, Liberty High. 17, Spencer Knight, Liberty High, 12:49.76.
4x800-meter relay: 2, Iowa City West (Ethan Goers, Ethan McAreavy, Osman Salama, Ian Prescott), 8:36.55.
4x110-meter shuttle hurdle relay: 5, Iowa City West (Cole Mabry, Caden Fedeler, Jason Lu, Riley Moore), 1:04.89.
100-meter dash: 3, Caruthers, Iowa City West, 11.21. 6, Dante Eldridge, 11.59. 15, Ankenbauer, Liberty High, 12.16. 19, Kelby Telander, Liberty High, 12.56.
1,600-meter sprint medley relay: 1, Iowa City West (Tyuss Bell, Andre White, Ehab Abdalla, Yousif Salama), 3:56.83. 4, Liberty High (Telander, Ben Houselog, Kolby Godbolt, Bo Gryp), 4:02.37.
400-meter dash: 3, Mason Sorge, Iowa City West, 54.85. 10, Nick Fleckenstein, 57.24. 11, Williams, Liberty High, 57.49.
4x200-meter relay: 3, Iowa City West (Lockman, Sims, Steburg, Eldridge), 1:35.48. 9, Liberty High (Ankenbauer, Houselog, Max Tafolla, Telander), 1:41.93.
110-meter hurdles: 6, Mabry, Iowa City West, 15.80. 8, West, Iowa City West, 16.09. 12, Woody, Liberty High, 17.20. 15, Ryan Sartain, Liberty High, 19.48.
800-meter run: 1, Jeff Garbutt, Iowa City West, 2:02.61. 9, O. Salama, 2:11.98. 14, O’Donnell, Liberty High, 2:15.16. DQ, Bo Gryp, Liberty High.
200-meter dash: 1, Caruthers, Iowa City West, 22.56. 6, Eldridge, Iowa City West, 23.66.
400-meter hurdles: 1, West, Iowa City West, 54.36. 3, Mabry, Iowa City West, 57.96. 10, Woody, Liberty High, 1:02.07.
1,600-meter run: 4, Goers, Iowa City West, 4:53.45. 5, Will Conrad, Iowa City West, 4:54.42. 22, Dylan Schmidt, Liberty High, 5:39.44.
4x100-meter relay: 6, Iowa City West (Bell, White, Eldridge, Caruthers), 46.19. 10, Liberty High (Ankenbauer, Godbolt, Tafolla, Williams), 48.58.
4x400-meter relay: 1, Iowa City West (McAreavy, Sorge, Sims, West), 3:35.80. 6, Liberty High (Godbolt, Williams, O’Donnell, Woody), 3:48.89.

Junior Varsity Results
Shot put: 1, Tom Adolph, Iowa City West, 44-02.00. 6, Enutifa Gamia, Iowa City West, 38-08.25. 8, Nick Fairfield, Iowa City West, 36-01.00. 11, Sam Nicklaus, Liberty High, 33-08.00. 32, Andres Estrada, Liberty High, 27-09.00. 34, Harrison Voigt, Liberty High, 23-08.00.
Discus: 1, Ethan Postler, Iowa City West, 132-03. 3, Adolph, Iowa City West, 117-10. 8, Tyler Halverson, Iowa City West, 95-11. 31, Evan Swartzendruber, Liberty High, 63-07. 34, Estrada, Liberty High, 56-08. 35, Siddhartha Gopishetty, Liberty High, 50-04.
Long jump: 5, Shamar Wyatt, Iowa City West, 18-03.50. 11, Dominic Ehrman, 17-09.50. 21, Alex Dueker, Liberty High, 15-05.00. 27, Mike Luyeye, Liberty High, 13-04.00.
High jump: 10, Kelby Telander, Liberty High, 5-00.00. DQ, Corey Baldwin, Liberty High.
800-meter sprint medley relay: 6, Iowa City West (Anthony Forte, Alex Geasland, Kalen Coker-Haworth, Nick Johnson), 1:53.18. 11, Liberty High (Luyeye, Gaven Forbes, Dueker, Jacob Smith), 1:58.80.
3,200-meter run: 5, Hunter Bagan, Iowa City West, 11:04.20. 8, Phillipe Jay, Iowa City West, 11:12.98. 10, Lukas Anson, Iowa City West, 11:30.47.
4x800-meter relay: 1, Iowa City West (Alex Wang, Joey Goodman, Owen Millers, Nandjill Elola), 9:10.53. 9, Liberty High (Sam Ross, Ryan Nugent, Baldwin, Hsuan-Yu Lin), 10:52.89.
100-meter dash: 6, Fabian Brown, Iowa City West, 12.11. 7, Wyatt, 12.19. 13, Ryan Sartain, Liberty High, 12.59. 18, Peter Breitbach, Iowa City West, 12.83.
1,600-meter sprint medley relay: 6, Iowa City West (Ian McAreavy, Anthony Oracion, Zach Anderson, Jacob Greenlee), 4:25.43. 7, Liberty High (Dejuan Smith, Ehrman, Forbes, Dylan Schmidt), 4:28.64.
400-meter dash: 3, Grahm Goering, Iowa City West, 57.31. 5, Johnson, Iowa City West, 57.71. 17, Bongain Mazibo, Iowa City West, 1:01.92.
4x200-meter relay: 6, Iowa City West (Forte, Coker-Haworth, Geasland, Quinn Foerstner), 1:42.17. 10, Liberty High (Dueker, Smith, Nugent, Baldwin), 1:49.13.
110-meter hurdles: 2, Caden Fedeler, Iowa City West, 17.19. 7, Jason Lu, Iowa City West, 17.98.
800-meter run: 1, Yousif Salama, Iowa City West, 2:16.39. 4, Wang, Iowa City West, 2:21.97. 10, Goodman, Iowa City West, 2:28.56.
200-meter dash: 9, Max Tafolla, Liberty High, 26.04. 10, Eric Torres, Iowa City West, 26.05. 20, I. McAreavy, Iowa City West, 27.02. 31, Jacob Smith, Liberty High, 29.34.
1,600-meter run: 1, Ken Wilbur, Iowa City West, 5:05.00. 7, Jonathan Shilyansky, 5:18.40. 22, Ross, Liberty High, 6:02.01.
4x100-meter relay: 11, Liberty High (Luyeye, Forbes, Ehrman, Dueker), 54.43. DQ, Iowa City West (Forte, Torres, Wyatt, Breitbach).
4x400-meter relay: 1, Iowa City West (Ehab Abdalla, Foerstner, Fleckenstein, Mabry), 3:48.65. 10, Liberty High (Nugent, Ehrman, Smith, Baldwin), 4:21.89.