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Women of Troy remain undefeated on the courts

IC West knocks off Wahlert and Hempstead without key player
North Liberty Leader
IOWA CITY– The West High Women of Troy varsity tennis team improved to 10-0 overall and 7-0 in Mississippi Valley Conference (MVC) play Saturday, April 22, by defeating Dubuque Wahlert (5-4) and Dubuque Hempstead (6-3) at home.
“Both matches were played without number-one player Emma Koch,” Coach Amie Villarini said. “I’m so proud of the team for stepping up and rising to the challenge to play up a spot without their number-one player. They showed great courage and guts to pull out the tough wins against two very strong Dubuque teams.”
Kaily Speer, Abby Jans and Jessica Moonjely picked up individual wins against Wahlert while Speer, Jans, Moonjely and Meg Moreland won against Hempstead.
West hosts Cedar Rapids Washington and Cedar Rapids Kennedy Saturday, April 29, with the Warriors at 8 a.m. and the Cougars set for noon. Crosstown rival City High invades the new courts Tuesday, May 2, at 4 p.m. and the Women of Troy will face Cedar Rapids Jefferson at Jefferson High School on Thursday, May 4, at 4 p.m.

Iowa City West High results from Saturday, April 22:

Iowa City West (ICW) def. Dubuque Wahlert (DW) 5-4
Kaily Speer (ICW) def. Audrey Hinz (DW) 10-8.
Abby Jans (ICW) def. Meghann Long (DW) 10-1.
Jessica Moonjely (ICW) def. Ann Herrig (DW) 10-0.
Abby McDonald (DW) def. Vivian Mitchell (ICW) 10-8.
Carolyn Conlin (DW) def. Meg Moreland (ICW) 10-1.
Anna Frieburger (DW) def. Lauren Katz (ICW) 10-3
Jans/Moonjely (ICW) def. Hinz/McDonald (DW) 10-4.
Speer/Mitchell (ICW) def. Long/Herrig (DW) 10-8.
Conlin/Frieburger (DW) def. Moreland/Sydney Shie (ICW) 10-1.

Iowa City West (ICW) def. Dubuque Hempstead (DH) 6-3
Kaily Speer (ICW) def. Joyce Sun (DH) 10-8.
Abby Jans (ICW) def. Lauren Tressel (DH) 10-2.
Jessica Moonjely (ICW) def. Lauren Ludescher (DH) 10-2.
Erin Connolly (DH) def. Vivian Mitchell (ICW) 10-7.
Meg Moreland (ICW) def. Megan Oberfoell (DH) 10-6.
Kerry Houlihan (DH) def. Sydney Shie (ICW) 10-7.
Jans/Moonjely (ICW) def. SunTressel (DH) 10-4.
Speer/Mitchell (ICW) def. Ludescher/Connolly (DH) 10-7.
Oberfoell/Houlihan (DH) def. Moreland/Lauren Katz (ICW) 10-8.

Women of Troy knock off defending state champs

IC West defeats CR Prairie, 5-4
North Liberty Leader
CEDAR RAPIDS– Iowa City West High’s varsity girls tennis team knocked off the defending state champion Prairie Hawks of Cedar Rapids Prairie, 5-4, Tuesday, April 18, in the Hawks’ nest.
“I’m really proud of the team staying mentally tough and fighting through the close points,” Coach Amie Villarini said.
Kaily Speer, Abby Jans, Jessica Moonjely and Vivian Mitchell picked up individual wins while Meg Moreland and Moonjely earned a doubles win.