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Working out well

By Stephen Schmidt
North Liberty Leader
NORTH LIBERTY– Sometimes, you just need space to stretch out and breathe.
In January, Carey Sadler of North Liberty opened her new River City Pilates location in North Liberty at 595 Ashley Court, Suite 6, a move away from her former, cramped location on Oakdale Boulevard in Coralville.
Sadler said the move has already paid dividends.
“I have definitely been able to accommodate a lot more people,” Sadler said. “Now I’m in the process of trying to find teachers to teach for me, which is a good thing because business is growing.”
According to Sadler, the extra space has allowed her to schedule more Pilates sessions for both groups and private individual lessons. It has also allowed her to include more specialized equipment for the instruction of Pilates.
Sadler, an Evansdale native, graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in chemical engineering. After moving to the Philadelphia area with her husband, she decided that she would prefer another career path to engineering, and it was at this time that she discovered Pilates.
“I just really fell in love with it,” Sadler said.
After completing a training program in Rosemount, Penn. at the highly-regarded Body Precision studio in 2000, Sadler spent the next seven years as an apprentice Pilates instructor training at the studio. In 2007, she said she and her husband decided to move back to Iowa in order to raise their children here.
Two years later, Sadler had her own Pilates studio in Coralville. There was just one problem; sharing a building with two real estate businesses, there was clear a lack of space.
“It was kind of like I was holding classes in one of their conference rooms for a couple of years there,” Sadler said.
Now, in a far larger studio, Sadler can now focus on the instruction of Pilates, a specialized exercise program that emphasizes improving core strength, breathing and the alignment of the body.
“Really in a nutshell we’re trying to bring your body back into the best alignment that it can have,” Sadler said. “Some of the things I hear from clients is ‘Oh my posture is so much better,’ and ‘I’m so much more aware of my body.’ It is a form of exercise that translates into daily life.”
She said it is also a very specific form of exercise that will vary from person to person and takes quite awhile to master. For this reason, Sadler tries to break her students into separate groups, offering a free intro to Pilates class that gives the client a free taste of Pilates and allows Sadler a chance to match instruction to the needs of the client.
“It’s a nice chance for them to get answers for any questions they may have,” Sadler said. “it’s important for them to know the basics before starting a class.”
Sadler often recommends private instruction for individuals who are just starting out in Pilates to build a foundation for any training that will come afterward.
“The true benefit of Pilates is in doing it correctly,” Sadler said. “Pilates is really a practice, it’s something you do over time. A lot of people in the beginning start out with private sessions because it’s really the best way to learn.”
Sadler said although she does teach different Pilates techniques, this personalized attention is where she feels there is the most value in attending her studio.
“Even in a class setting here, you’re getting the individual attention that’s hard to get from a DVD or even in a class at a gym,” Sadler said.
Classes are available daily by appointment. For more information, visit the River City Pilates web site at www.rivercitypilates.com/ or call 471-2380.