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CCA takes two from South Tama, 10-0 and 12-6

Creek boys end regular season at .500

North Liberty Leader
TIFFIN– The Clear Creek Amana (CCA) Clippers’ varsity baseball team finished the regular season with a home doubleheader sweep of South Tama Friday, July 8. Capy’s Boys knocked off the Trojans 10-0 and 12-6. The pair of wins improved CCA’s record to 19-19 and marked the third straight year the team finished at .500 or above. Coach Brent Henry noted, “Seniors Jake Neubauer and Robby Swails are members of the winningest four-year stretch in the program’s history.”
The Clippers took control of game one with six runs in the bottom of the third inning. Kobey Schlotman opened up with an RBI single to bring Donovan Wildman in while Grayson Rotter singled in Cody Ogden and Schlotman to make it 3-0. David Jensen sent a line drive to right field, which allowed Rotter to score, Tyler “Uh-Uh” Hallett said “Uh-Huh” as he reached on an error and made way for Robby Swails to cross the plate, and Jensen came home on a balk.
Schlotman scored again in the fourth on a wild pitch to make it 7-0 after blasting out a triple to get on base. Wildman lined a shot to center field bringing Jensen and Hallett home in the fifth while a Swails line drive double to center field brought Neubauer in to end the game in the sixth inning.
Schlotman worked the mound for all six innings, giving up six hits and no runs. He struck out three and walked one. The Creek Boys had 10 hits from Neubauer (two), Jensen (two), Schlotman (two), Rotter, Swails, Wildman and Ogden.
The Trojans regrouped for the nightcap with their first run of the night coming in the top of the first inning. The Clippers’ continued their barrage from the opener with a four-run effort in the bottom of the second as Wildman singled to score Jensen, Cam “Glovelender” Armstrong and “Uh-Uh” Hallett found their way home and Ogden singled Wildman home.
South Tama put up three runs in the top of the third to tie the game 4-4, but Cappy’s Boys put up three more runs in the bottom of the inning, and kept the lead the rest of the way. A Jensen sacrifice fly in the third inning brought Swails home, Hallett knocked a fly ball deep enough to reach third base and brought Armstrong home in the process before making it home on a wild pitch.
Two more Clipper runs went on the board in the fourth as Neubauer doubled and scored Rotter and Swails scored after walking and then working his way around the diamond. Swails made it home when Armstrong reached on an error and the Creek rose to 9-4. Ogden sent a fly ball to centerfield, good for a double and an RBI as Wildman scored in the fifth, Schlotman’s hit scored Ogden and a sacrifice fly by Jensen brought Schlotman home. The Trojans’ last gasp came in the top of the sixth with two runs.
Neubauer and Swails split the duty on the mound with Neubauer putting in five innings and two for Swails. Neubauer was awarded the win after giving up seven hits and four runs (three earned) while striking out seven and walking one. Swails gave up one hit and two earned runs. Swails struck out three and walked two.
The Clippers had a lucky 13 hits from Ogden (three), Swails (two), Hallett (two), Wildman (two), Rotter, Neubauer, Armstrong and Schlotman.