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Corridor Home Services

affordable for everyone
Tom Dunn, handyman and owner Corridor Home Services. (photo by Jeff Hess)

SOLON– “It’s a blessing to be of service to other people.”
That’s how Tom Dunn reflects on the business he recently started in the Corridor.
Corridor Home Services is a handyman service offering appliance repair, ceramic tile floors, deck construction, mailbox installation, small painting projects, second-hand services, consultation and many other do-it-yourself (DIY) tasks some general contractors may deem too small to be profitable. Dunn has tackled many projects in the area: replacing the clutch in an elderly woman’s washing machine, saving her from having to replace the appliance; building a staircase that matched the fall of a hillside; constructing a free standing flower box so a local care center resident could still see flowers from her window; and hanging shower curtain rods for a local real estate investor.
“I enjoy using the skills I have been given to make a difference for other people. It is exciting to be pitched an idea and build something I am proud of that the customer appreciates,” Dunn said. “A lot of what I do is custom carpentry for the home and business.”
Even if someone just needs a second person to move heavy materials or assist with a DIY project, no project is too big or small, Dunn emphasized. “The business was built because I was always helping friends and family and I recognized the need in the community,” he said.
There is a need in the area, as there aren’t a lot of businesses offering small project services, Dunn pointed out. “It is really kind of through word-of-mouth as the strict way of finding it.”
Originally from Colorado, Dunn met his wife when she was a teaching there. The promise of moving closer to her family as they started having children of their own brought them back to Coralville, where her parents still live. However, Dunn quickly pointed out, Coralville was, “not what it used to be, at least in the neighborhood where she grew up.” They decided to seek residence elsewhere, and Solon became their town of choice.
“I love the lakes; it’s what helped with my transition from the mountains to the plains,” Dunn said.
Dunn has always done things with his hands, starting at an early age. He tore apart his mother’s vacuum cleaner and made a night light for his sister out of some of the parts, and he loves hearing his mother retell the tale. He has done vacuum cleaner repair and dental appliance repair– compressors, vacuums, all the hand pieces, cabinets; if you have seen it in a dental office, he’s fixed it. Dunn spent three years as an electrician’s apprentice, has done some painting, built decks, and installed prefabricated cabinets.
“The way I explain it to everybody is, I know a little bit about a lot of things but I am not an expert on any one thing,” Dunn summarized.
Dunn said he likes to show his customers the little things they can do themselves. For example, he showed a customer a trick for lubricating and cleaning her dishwasher using household products, vegetable oil and vinegar, to eliminate a smell and quiet a noise.
Dunn proudly professes he is a Christian called to serve, and believes he can be a resource for others.
“My goal is for the business to be an affordable and great resource for everyone, if you are a DIY person and need two people or if you just don’t have time,” Dunn said.
Corridor Home Services is based in Solon and can be reached by phone at 319-333-8828, or via email at corridorhome.td@gmail.com. Look for the website, coming soon, at www.corridorhs.com.