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Drilling in the Corridor

New office brightening smiles in North Liberty

NORTH LIBERTY– Dental drilling that is. Dr. Cody Kriegel and his wife, Alison, are bringing their passion for dentistry to North Liberty with Corridor Dental.
Growing up in small-town Iowa, Kriegel found himself completing his undergrad at Coe College, where he studied biology and played football. When it came time to select a career, Kriegel had multiple paths calling his name. “I was on the fence between dental or medical school,” he recalled. “Dentistry is unique in that you still get that patient care. You get to take care of people and provide people with good service, but you also get to blend a little engineering and a little bit of artistic ability with that. So it matched my personality a bit more.”
After completing his bachelor’s degree, Kriegel went on to the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics in 2015. He took advantage of every opportunity to learn and hone his craft by participating in programs to treat veterans at the VA Hospital in Des Moines and through mission work in Cambodia, where he provided dental care to orphans. His passion for serving the community has been maintained in the move to North Liberty, as the doctor continues to provide dental healthcare to the less fortunate.
A fear all dentists understand is the one many patients experience when sitting in the dreaded dental chair for an appointment. Thankfully, however, Dr. Kriegel’s patients seem to have avoided this fear. “I actually have never heard someone say they hate going to the dentist in my new practice,” Dr. Kriegel said. He believes this fear comes from bad experiences or childhood warnings. “Maybe they had a bad experience when they were younger,” he explained. “Or Mom and Dad scared them into brushing their teeth, saying things like, ‘You better brush your teeth, or you’re going to have to go to the dentist and it’s going to hurt!’”
“There is a preconception that the dentist’s office is not the most fun place to be, so we’re trying to change that a bit,” Dr. Kriegel said. The Kriegel’s have worked hard to make their office a comfortable and enjoyable place for even the most dental-fearing patients. “We throw movies on and, in fact, I think I’ve had more patients fall asleep in our chair in the last two months than I’ve had in my entire career up to this point,” he remarked. “We love that we’re able to bring people that level of comfort while they’re here.”
With their new practice, the Kriegels aim to bring a new kind of dental experience to the Corridor. “In our practice, what we’ve done is try to make it as little like a dentist office as possible and more like a welcoming environment, more like a lounge-in-your-living-room type of feel,” he explained. “So we took that approach and we combined that with some nice equipment, the most comfortable chairs you can get.”
These chairs aren’t just comfy; they’re presidential.
“The chair we have is the exact chair they have in the White House for presidents to use when they experience dental treatment,” he noted.
While the businesses and families serving the North Liberty community take service and community involvement seriously, Dr. Kriegel and wife, Alison, have made it clear this is indeed a passion for Corridor Dental as well. From joining the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce to volunteering for the board of The Iowa Children’s Museum, the Kriegel family is investing far more into the community than just their dentistry skills.
Dr. Kriegel is a member of multiple dental associations, including the American Dental Association (ADA), Iowa Dental Association (IDA), Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry (ABD). He’s also reached membership and fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).
In addition, Dr. Kriegel brings with him a new dental approach that hasn’t quite made its way to the Midwest: Biomimetic dentistry.
“Biomimetic dentistry focuses on minimal invasiveness and advanced bonding. So when we can leverage taking away less tooth and being as conservative as we can and marrying that to really high-end, research-driven bonding protocols, we can leave a lot more tooth structure and not need to take away near as much tooth,” Kriegel explained. “We can do a lot more by doing a lot less. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s incredible.”
No matter where their partnership would take them in life, Cody and Alison Kriegel knew they wanted to take care of people, and he says that’s precisely what they’ve come to North Liberty to do.
“When you’re able to do something for someone’s smile and confidence, that’s a big win for everyone.”