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New books for adults

Regular patrons have probably already discovered some of the new books on the shelf. If you see something here that you’d like to read and it is checked out, call and add your name to the hold list. Plenty of good summer reads are turning up for a great afternoon on the patio or porch.
David Baldacci has cranked out a little something different this time with a tender side titled, “One Summer.” Jack Armstrong, a terminally ill family man, hopes to make it to Christmas. After Jack’s wife is killed in a car accident, he not only has to deal with his illness but his mean mother-in-law and the likely division of his family.
Tom Clancy, master of international intrigue, introduces a new hero in a new kind of warfare in his latest release, “Against All Enemies.” Ex-Navy SEAL Max Moore’s entire CIA team is wiped out by a terrorist bomb and Moore plunges deep into the tribal lands of Pakistan to find the terrorist cell.
“Carte Blanche” by Jeffrey Deaver is the latest James Bond thriller. The plot of the new novel is a contemporary setting and brings the legendary 007 character firmly into the modern age.
Dean Koontz has a new first-rate suspense novel, too, entitled “Frankenstein: The Dead Town.” Set in Montana, the small town comes under siege as the war against humanity is raging. The survivors band together to weather the onslaught as their destiny and the fate of humanity hang in the balance. This is a paperback.
On the lighter side of summer reading, Mary Kay Andrews presents “Summer Rental” about three best friends now in their mid-30s and at crossroads in their lives. A month in North Carolina’s Outer Banks seems to be what they needed to make the needed change in their lives.
“Maine” by J. Courtney Sullivan is a family story of three generations of women who find themselves at their summer home for the final time, all facing their own secret hardships and challenges. Over the summer, crushes bloom, long-held secrets are revealed and gallons of vodka are consumed. “Maine” is a powerful novel about the ties that bind families together.
There is a new Julia Quinn romance novel in paperback, “Just Like Heaven,” with some of the characters appearing from the Bridgerton series. “Just Like Heaven” is perfect for a light, fun afternoon read.
“Sister” by Rosamond Lupton is listed as an Amazon Best Book of the Month for June 2011. A psychological thriller, it’s the story of sisters– one’s mysterious death and the other’s search for clues on her own. Beatrice, the surviving sister, realizes that she must pay a terrible price for the truth.