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NL resident hopes to fill supervisor vacancy

Neuzil verbally resigns

JOHNSON COUNTY– Lisa Green-Douglass of North Liberty has announced that she will be running for the position on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors to be vacated by current board member Terrence Neuzil.
Neuzil has resigned to take a job in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.
Neuzil was elected to the board in 2000, and has been reelected to the seat every four years since. His fourth term was to end Dec. 31, 2016.
“As I was starting to explore running for a fifth term, I owed it to myself to explore life outside of Johnson County government,” Neuzil said in an email communication Monday. “I applied for about 10 city and county management positions around the U.S. and was looking for communities, like Johnson County, that invest in its citizens, in its environment, in its schools, in its quality of life… and I found that in Kalamazoo County, Michigan.”
Neuzil will serve as the County Administrator in Kalamazoo County, providing direct, day-to-day oversight and management of the county budget, operations and employees, and follow through on the implementation of policies through the development of a strategic plan, he said. To date, he added, his commitment to Kalamazoo County is still verbal, as contracts terms and his salary are still being determined. Therefore, Neuzil was uncertain how much longer he will remain in Johnson County.
“I could leave as early as next month,” Neuzil noted.
Once the County Auditor, Recorder and Treasurer receive his official letter of resignation, the remaining board members will need to determine whether Neuzil’s vacancy will be filled by appointment or by special election. Even if the board decides to appoint the position, Johnson County residents could petition for a special election to fill the remainder of the term.
According to a release distributed Monday, Green-Douglass has been active in local politics since 1988. She served for 14 years on the Johnson County Democrats Central Committee and has worked on several local campaigns, including her own bid for supervisor in 2014. Green-Douglass has advocated for accessible and affordable mental health care and would continue to do so as a supervisor. Most recently she called for the creation of a mobile mental health crisis response team, something Johnson County’s region now has. In addition to mental health care, she would like to ensure continued services for the elderly, such as transportation, senior dining, and visiting nurses.
Green-Douglass has been outspoken in her support of a Community ID and for an increased minimum wage. During the public forum about the Community ID and again during the first days issuing the ID, she volunteered her services as a Spanish-English interpreter.
Green-Douglass has been a resident of Johnson County for 36 years, 29 of those in rural North Liberty. She works as a Spanish-language trainer, providing job-specific training to law enforcement officers, jailers and correctional officers, conservation officers, nurses, teachers and paramedics. She and her husband Tom have five children, all of who live in Johnson County.