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Spartans pick up wins at South Tama duals

Solon falls to Indee, Nebraska powerhouse

TAMA– Solon’s varsity wrestlers picked up steam over the weekend at the South Tama County Duals.
The Spartan grapplers went 3-2 with big wins against Vinton-Shellsburg, Iowa City Regina and Des Moines East, and narrow losses against highly-ranked Independence and Omaha Burke of Nebraska.
“I thought our wrestlers improved with their effort and fight from Thursday (dual losses to West Delaware and Lisbon),” Solon Head Coach Blake Williams said. “In both meets we lost, we competed. We stressed that before each meet to go out and compete.”
Independence defeated Solon, 48-27, while Omaha Burke, top-ranked in Nebraska, hung on for a 48-30 victory.
Erich Karsten (285 pounds), Hayden Taylor (145), Zeb Gnida (152) and Caleb Ebert (160) provided pins against Independence. Jax Flynn (170) added a 6-3 decision to complete the Spartan scoring.
Ethan Swan (145), Gnida (160), Flynn and Seamus Poynton (195) recorded pins against Omaha Burke.
“In both duals we lost some key matches that could have gone either way,” Williams reported. “One or two match swings in a meet were the difference. We lost four matches in those two meets where we were ahead and got pinned. However, it was not from a lack of effort. The good thing about that is it is early in the season and we can learn from those mistakes.
“I would much rather have that happen in December than February,” he added.
The Spartans rolled to their three victories– 59-12 over Vinton-Shellsburg, 46-18 against Regina and 60-18 over Des Moines East.
Solon racked up five falls and a technical fall against the Vikings. Poynton, Jakobe Lahr (126), Taylor (145), Gnida (152) and Ebert each delivered a pin in less than two minutes. Gage Marty (220) added the 16-0 tech fall.
The Spartans benefitted from six forfeits against Regina. Karsten picked up a 15-6 major decision over Regina’s Caden Shelter and Flynn pinned Regina’s Danny Gavin in 1:00.
Des Moines East managed to win only one weight and gained from two forfeits, but Solon countered with nine pins and two decisions. Karsten, David Kara (132), Swan (138), Taylor, Gnida, Ebert, Flynn, Lucas TePoel (182) and Poynton won by fall. Marty and Kaden Lamm (120) added decisions.

Solon 59 vs. Vinton-Shellsburg 12
195: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over Caleb Rouse (VISH) (Fall 1:36) 220: Gage Marty (SOLO) over Chris King (VISH) (TF 16-0 4:23) 285: Erich Karsten (SOLO) over (VISH) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Kaden Lamm (SOLO) over (VISH) (For.) 126: Jakobe Lahr (SOLO) over Damon Swenson (VISH) (Fall 1:32) 132: Brady Ortner (VISH) over David Karam (SOLO) (Fall 1:17) 138: Bryce Radeke (VISH) over Ethan Swan (SOLO) (Fall 1:17) 145: Hayden Taylor (SOLO) over Jimmy Mull (VISH) (Fall 0:37) 152: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Curtis Erickson (VISH) (Fall 1:45) 160: Caleb Ebert (SOLO) over Cayden Kelley (VISH) (Fall 1:34) 170: Lucas TePoel (SOLO) over (VISH) (For.) 182: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over (VISH) (For.)

Solon 46 vs. Regina, Iowa City 18
182: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 195: Rowan Udell (REGI) over Landon Hummel (SOLO) (Fall 1:38) 220: Gage Marty (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 285: Erich Karsten (SOLO) over Caden Shetler (REGI) (MD 15-6) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Kaden Lamm (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 126: Jakobe Lahr (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 132: Carter Rios (REGI) over David Karam (SOLO) (Dec 8-7) 138: Sam Aitchison (REGI) over Ethan Swan (SOLO) (Fall 1:28) 145: Hayden Taylor (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 152: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over (REGI) (For.) 160: Aidan Udell (REGI) over Caleb Ebert (SOLO) (Dec 8-5) 170: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Danny Gavin (REGI) (Fall 1:00)

Des Moines East 18 vs. Solon 60
220: Gage Marty (SOLO) over Taylor Schwartzman (DME) (TB-1 3-2) 285: Erich Karsten (SOLO) over Dashawn Scott (DME) (Fall 0:45) 106: Symon Yates (DME) over (SOLO) (For.) 113: Alex Lovan (DME) over (SOLO) (For.) 120: Kaden Lamm (SOLO) over Kentrell Kinney (DME) (Dec 12-5) 126: Edwin Kramah (DME) over Jakobe Lahr (SOLO) (Fall 5:20) 132: David Karam (SOLO) over Christian Roberts (DME) (Fall 2:59) 138: Ethan Swan (SOLO) over Jaylon Polk (DME) (Fall 1:06) 145: Hayden Taylor (SOLO) over Robert Avery (DME) (Fall 1:07) 152: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Zach Niederklopfer (DME) (Fall 2:00) 160: Caleb Ebert (SOLO) over Braden Gordon (DME) (Fall 5:11) 170: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Zach Truitt (DME) (Fall 1:47) 182: Lucas TePoel (SOLO) over Keisean Wright (DME) (Fall 0:23) 195: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over Tre Moody (DME) (Fall 0:54)

Independence 48 vs. Solon 27
285: Erich Karsten (SOLO) over Dylan Reuther (INDE) (Fall 1:00) 106: Kale Wieland (INDE) over (SOLO) (For.) 113: Dalton Hoover (INDE) over (SOLO) (For.) 120: Carter Straw (INDE) over Kaden Lamm (SOLO) (Fall 0:59) 126: Isaiah Weber (INDE) over Jakobe Lahr (SOLO) (Fall 1:26) 132: Caleb Straw (INDE) over David Karam (SOLO) (Fall 0:48) 138: Caden Larson (INDE) over Ethan Swan (SOLO) (Fall 1:21) 145: Hayden Taylor (SOLO) over Tyler Trumblee (INDE) (Fall 1:35) 152: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Teegan McEnany (INDE) (Fall 2:31) 160: Caleb Ebert (SOLO) over Mitch Johnson (INDE) (Fall 3:49) 170: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Matthew Doyle (INDE) (Dec 6-3) 182: Marcus Beatty (INDE) over Lucas TePoel (SOLO) (Fall 5:35) 195: Cole Davis (INDE) over Seamus Poynton (SOLO) (Dec 9-4) 220: Christian Kremer (INDE) over Gage Marty (SOLO) (Dec 6-2)

Omaha Burke 48 vs. Solon 30
106: Double Forfeit 113: Julio Reyes (OMBU) over (SOLO) (For.) 120: Nathan Rubino (OMBU) over Kaden Lamm (SOLO) (Fall 1:38) 126: Jakason Burks (OMBU) over Jakobe Lahr (SOLO) (Fall 1:45) 132: Sammy Rubino (OMBU) over Austin Schwake (SOLO) (Fall 0:22) 138: Jayden Looney (OMBU) over (SOLO) (For.) 145: Ethan Swan (SOLO) over Damon Jackson (OMBU) (Fall 0:55) 152: Hayden Taylor (SOLO) over (OMBU) (For.) 160: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Blaine Miller (OMBU) (Fall 3:25) 170: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Deson Stapleton (OMBU) (Fall 1:51) 182: Austin Dougherty (OMBU) over Lucas TePoel (SOLO) (Fall 2:20) 195: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over Ramiro Lopez (OMBU) (Fall 1:16) 220: Muminjon Mirzoev (OMBU) over Gage Marty (SOLO) (Fall 0:35) 285: Nolan Olafson (OMBU) over Erich Karsten (SOLO) (Fall 5:12)