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One hundred fifty: Approximate amount of days since the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) policy was repealed.
Eleven and one half: The number of years U.S. Navy Lt. Gary Ross and same-sex partner had been together before becoming the first same-sex military couple married in the United States.
Third: Class of Petty Officer of Jeremy Johnson, who became the first person discharged under DADT to re-enlist.
Eighty: Days at sea U.S. Navy Petty Officer Marissa Gaeta served before winning her ship’s raffle to have the first kiss with her same-sex partner after returning to port.
Four: Stars worn by Marine General James Amos who called the repeal of DADT a “non-event.”

One point five trillion: Dollars that could be saved on U.S. health care using a holistic approach being tried in Oregon that addresses every aspect of health with a focus on people with mental illness, addiction or chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, asthma and kidney failure. The idea is to target the costliest patients and provide upfront care that can prevent emergency room visits and other expensive interventions.
One: Rank in the entire world the United States stands in the amount of money spent for health care per person.
Fifty million: Number of people in the U.S. that do not have health insurance according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
Fiftieth: Rank of life expectancy at birth of a U.S. baby compared to the rest of the world.
Zero: The number of other industrialized nations in the world that do not ensure that all of their citizens have some kind of health insurance coverage.

One thousand, eight hundred: Dollars paid for a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget that resembles President George Washington and sold on eBay.

Thousands: Number of fruit flies that were used in a study linking lack of sex with alcoholism. The experiment showed that male fruit flies that went without sex tended to drink more.

Too many to count: Number of Tide detergent bottles stolen from a 24-hour CVS store in northwest Washington as reported by a clerk. Police believe people have begun taking Tide bottles as well as items like baby formula and razor blades to trade for drugs.
Three point five billion: Amount in dollars U.S. retailers are believed to lose each year to theft.
Twenty: Bottles of liquid Tide found in a suspected drug dealer’s home during a suburban Washington raid.

Forty-two: Age which gay students at Dunkerton High School were told they would die by members of a Christian Rock Band, Junkyard Prophet. Besides espousing their anti-gay sentiments, the band also made comments against abortion while showing images of aborted fetuses.
Several: Number of students and parents who questioned why the band had been invited to a public school.
Zero: Correlation said to exist between the band’s appearance and the resignation of the school’s principal.

Fifteen hundred: Amount of dollars a New Orleans Saints football player received as a bounty for injuring an opposing player severely enough that they had to be carted off the field.
Two hundred ninety-five thousand: Minimum salary in the NFL.
One million: Average salary of an NFL player.