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Weets-Caudill’s calf honors soldiers’ sacrifice

SOLON– The Solon Library Foundation’s Calf Classic’s fourth calf titled “Hooves on the Ground: a lifetime of freedom fighters,” was sponsored by Savvy Coffee and Wine Bar. This calf was created to honor American soldiers and their sacrifices. “Hooves on the Ground,”  designed by artist Barbara Weets-Caudill, is a portrayal of American conflicts since World War I.  
Weets-Caudill has designed this piece in acrylic with a stars and stripes patriotic theme set among a series of country maps where American soldiers have fought and sacrificed. Weets-Caudill recognized all five branches of our armed forces, honoring the role of the American soldier in this piece.
With a nephew in Afghanistan, her husband a Vietnam-era vet and several family friends in the military or starting basic training, the sacrifice of the men and women in the armed forces is on her mind daily.
Weets-Caudill is a local watercolor artist, whose inspiration mostly comes from the environment and reflects her love for nature and the serenity she finds there.  She uses vivid colors to express her perceptions of nature while accentuating patterns and designs. Her artwork provides a closer look at the beauty and fragility of the environment.
Weets-Caudill’s work has appeared in several publications and exhibitions– including an Audubon Society Wildlife and Environmental art show. Her largest collections of watercolors are held privately by patrons throughout the U.S. and foreign countries.
The sponsor, Savvy Coffee and Wine Bar, owned and operated by Lori Vogt since 2009, is a very popular gathering place for the community of Solon. Savvy Coffee and Wine Bar serves a variety of coffees, sweets and daily lunch specials. They carry a wide selection of wines and micro brewery beers. Additionally, Vogt has a thriving catering business and will graciously “cater” to your every  whim.
“Hooves on the Ground” will be displayed at Savvy Coffee and Wine Bar until its entry into the 40th annual Beef Days parade. Following the parade, the calves will be sheltered at a booth on Main St. and auctioned on Saturday, July 16, at 9 p.m. with proceeds benefiting the Solon Library Foundation.